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  1. Matt 10 flights in a week is pretty dam good - well done. You should keep a record, good for motor maintenance (ha! ha!)
  2. Honest Cornish statement with no word of a pasty. Can't wait to meet you and take you further into your dreams. Tony
  3. Why don't you get some bifocal safety glasses. would help to keep the wind out your eyes and be able to read items on your flight desk. You can get them from Fleabay for a few quid. Old codgers like me need things like that. Tony
  4. Best option is to take a video of your wing flipping! Thousand words and all that
  5. Just pick a good day and come to Davidstow Airfield. Mostly laminate (depending on direction) winds and a bloody big flat airfield to land on. Once you've done a few on there you're be good to go
  6. It was me with 7 other guys. Most of the guys (except Whitters) belong to Davidstow. We all had a day out and flew around and arrange to land at Hayle beach, was met by Daniel's wife and had a Cornish Pastie each. Yes Whitters was flying a PPG (first time in two years). We thought it would be a good idea to have a pre- PMC Coastal Run. Fantastic day out with us all in the air at the same time, with lovely scenery that far down the coast Tony PM Sent
  7. Mostly FB group or Davidstow Members WhatUp group.
  8. Hands Off Alan - He is one of ours There are about a dozen of us this end of the world, but most don't really use this forum.
  9. At first a piece of land looks like a postage stamp from above, but an airfield's like an A4 piece of flat paper Don't be a Hero too quick to!
  10. After Spain you are still welcome to come to Davidstow if you're unsure and just want to fly with others until you get your confidence up or just come up and fly with us. Tony
  11. Hi Matt Looks like you are based in Redruth. You are more than welcome to pop over to Davidstow airfield anytime. Tony
  12. Andy - You should get the 600 x 600 stool - looks a lot safer. I just pump the bulb a good few times. Then quickly push in the carb button so I hear a hissing noise. Pull the handle a few times (to get the blood pumping in your arm - lol) Pull until it bites - then pull. Copyrighted by Clive M. Well, nearly the same words. . . .
  13. How about having the motor on your back and sitting down on the ground. Leaning forward slightly with your legs/knees apart. I did it this way for a time, but now I can't stand up with it on my back that easy. Note: This was only to start it and then idle for a few minutes. Turn it off (to test), stand up and then it should start very easy. Now I need to sit on a bench to start it up. Tony
  14. Dave No, thank you. If you didn't come over I wouldn't been flying today. You're welcome anytime. Enjoy the rest of your holiday up country. Tony
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