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  1. As a none flyer, I attended on Saturday and enjoyed myself, meeting new nice people, the weather was really kind and good, saw plenty of flying and the spectator bank overlooking the arena was great. Great thanks to Simon and all those involved setting it all up. Sadly I left before the sparklers, whizzes, bangs and pops started.
  2. This is purely for my interest but others may have an interest or input. I would like to know if many pilots have a system or setups such as radios if so what type etc, or phones or anything that they communicate with their flying friends, or do most pilots as some do, just like their own company.
  3. Actually, that is a very good topic and I've had one bad result. And that's only for ground handling.
  4. Perhaps to some people, it's a statement
  5. Conner, I'm really glad you made it back from that real bad accident, your'e a super guy, It'll be good to see you back even with your kettle, Tom
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