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  1. I am really interested in this motor, but I wonder what the kinks are with this new engine. I don't like to be a test pilot
  2. If you like holes in the netting, check http://papteam.com/paramotor_tinox/?lang=en. Big holes all over. However, I wonder why netting is needed anyway. One shouldn't start the engine on the ground anyway, and except for the throttle, nothing is going in the prop. Please correct me if I'm wrong. I do not see a serious security issue with no netting at all...
  3. There might be others, but it seems like Scout has got a solution: http://www.scoutparamotor.com/scout-prices/safestart-injury-prevention/ "The Safe Start system is a small computer that monitors the revolutions of the engine. In case the revolutions increase suddenly right after start, this device will instantly shut the engine off, preventing injuries during startup."
  4. A tad off topic, but you know that you can use Telegram to share your location for a certain period? Just press the paper clip in your conversation.
  5. Daisy chaining did not really work for me. The knots sometimes get too tight and I have to work (omg!) to get it loose again. I have always used the technique described by AndyB, never had an issue with knots or anything.
  6. Paragliding pilots usually have a side mounted reserve chute in the harness. Sometimes, they have two (one on each side), mostly acro pilots. Attaching an reserve chute to an essential and used part of a paramotor is imho not a good idea. If the carabiners fail during flight you have nothing left, except for falling down. Besides, when attaching and detaching every time, you add an extra moment of failure.
  7. Bump! Wondering if this is still accurate? Now 8 years have passed and in the Netherlands things have changed for paramotors. How about France? And is it legal to paramotor in the mountains, like paragliders?
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