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  1. I have an Apco Vista from my days of free flying. I converted it for paramotoring by ordering the correct risers from the company in Israel. I learnt to fly with it. It is the easiest take off and landing ever. Since then I have flown a Revo 2 which is specifically for paramotoring. But I can tell you I have decided to go back to the Apco Vista as it is so easy in nil wind and also in reverse launches. It's the best hybrid out there.
  2. I have an old Apco Vista which I used for free flying on and off for about 10 years. Now I'm converted to paramotoring I discovered that as my hang points are high on my motor, I'm reaching up high with my arms which is uncomfortable. My options are to cheaply have a pulley sewn on the bottom end of the existing risers - which solves the position of the brakes, but doesn't change the speed, or Invest about £200 in a new set of trimmer-risers which I could get from Apco and fit them on - which solves the brakes and the speed. What do you think I should do? Will trimmers really give me more speed? Will I be able to squeeze another year or two out of this wing?
  3. HI I have a Radne Raket and got a Supair front container. But I saw another pilot with a side chute. I'm wondering if anyone has any view on this? I know the front one is more popular, but does anyone have any experience with the side reserve? Regards, Simon P
  4. OK I could also see you tomorrow. Ill call you later...thanks
  5. Hi Cas That's very nice of you! Thank you! You really don't need to send it. I can come and pick it up. Are you around tomorrow Thursday? Regards, Simon
  6. Thank you yes I was told it's not a big deal. So will re-route with a cord I have. Is it just a simple loop I make at the end of it for my foot to go in?
  7. Hi I currently have a manual pull cord as a starter. I'm thinking of adding on an electric starter system on my Radne Raket. Has anyone done this? Can anyone recommend a system and where to buy? How to fit it? Thanks, Simon
  8. Hi Everyone I have a hand pulled starter cord but finding it difficult to start and would find it almost impossible to start in mid flight. So I've been suggested to fit a leg pulled starter cord. Does anyone have any experience with this? Has anyone fitted one to an existing had pulled cord? Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks, Simon
  9. Hi All I'm an experienced paragliding pilot and just about to convert to paramotoring. I live in Borehamwood in Hertfordshire so not the best place to be for flying. My job takes me all over the Southeast which includes Sussex, Kent, Essex, Oxford, Home counties and East Anglia. Can anyone recommend recognised take off fields? is there a 'list' of fields or is it just local knowledge. Any information you can throw in my direction would be great. Thanks. Simon P
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  11. Thank you all. It's been very useful advice. I've opted for the long transparent visor. Mainly because it would protect against dry eye, or at least minimise it, and also best for cloudy situations when you wouldn't want a tinted visor. Now have to wait for it to arrive
  12. I need to buy a new helmet and I think I'm going to get a long visor with it. I'm contemplating is it best with a transparent visor, or a tinted one? Anyone have any experience with this issue?
  13. Hi All Just got my paramotor and will be buying the accessories and doing the conversion course. I am a ten year paraglider pilot and have decided to move over to motored flight...finally! I'm looking for other guys in the area to hook up with and discuss airstrips, equipment etc...over a couple of beers. I have heard of Nick Woody, is he still around? Any others? Please make contact. It would be great to hook up. Simon
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