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  1. Great video in addition to the others posted on this site too. If those aren't a good advert for this sport, then I'm not sure what would be! Looking forward to the next one.
  2. Windy.com if accurate looks very useful. Thanks guys.
  3. Hi Ivan I have just purchased a Trailtech tach and struggling to find a decent place to mount it. Your setup looks exactly what I need. What the mount hand made, or did you puchase that from somewhere. I am trying to fit mine to a Parajet Zenith. Thanks
  4. I'm using Valvoline fully synthetic 2 stroke oil I bought from Halfords. It's about £13 per litre from memory. I'm running 50:1 in my Moster Plus, but this is early days for me having just got my kit, so perhaps others are more qualified to chip in.
  5. All good thanks. Desperate to finish my flying (have had 3) with my new kit. Let's hope for an improvement in the weather. Where do you fly from? It looks a nice area.
  6. Liking the Dashware setup now I have mastered the basics at least. Still doesn't make my flying any better though
  7. Ah thanks will take a look at Dashware. Cheers
  8. Thanks for letting me know. I have a GoPro 2, which although somewhat old does the job and produces excellent quality. I like the overlay though, so perhaps time for a change
  9. Amazing! I've just started training and can only imagine undertaking a trip like this later on in a few years time. Love the Facebook page, with some awesome updates. Stay safe and keep us posted on progress.
  10. bedddo

    First Flight - Membury

    Can't wait for the next...hopefully tomorrow if the weather holds.
  11. bedddo

    First Flight - Membury

    Cheers...think this is Danny? See you at the field soon.
  12. Great shots and really useful to see a layout of the airfield for a newbie like me. What software are you using for the overlay? Did I see Garmin Virb? Any good...would you recommend this?
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