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  1. I am selling my Paramania REVO 3 wing, size 26m. Orange and Black colours. Manufacturer details here. Perfect for a beginner. I have owned the wing from new since March 2016, it has about 25hrs total flight time. Very well looked after, stored carefully, comes with the wing carry bag. It is in good condition and flies perfectly. Viewings welcome, please contact me: info @ garethiwanjones.com Looking for £2200 ONO
  2. I'm looking to sell my Parajet Volution 3 frame with Moster 185 plus engine, comes with. I have owned it from brand new, first flight April 2016, it has around 25 hrs flight time. Works beautifully never had any engine problems, zero crashes. Perfect for someone looking to get into the sport. Also comes with Sky Spare XL lap mounted reserve fitted by Parajet, (never thrown). rrp £570 Also includes a Parajet V3 Frame Carry case £ £116 All relevant specs can be found here on the Parajet site. The kit is in good condition, always stored in a dry trailer, it has the usual use
  3. Yes it is a flash starter. I thought I had followed the instructions to start but maybe I've over stressed it. I've only flown the machine about 20 times.
  4. On a flight last week, my pull start cord was sucked into the prop. I'm assuming the recoil must have failed and it slowly released during the flight until it hit the prop. Gave me a bit of a fright mid-flight, but otherwise doesn't seem to have damaged the prop. Parajet V3 & Moster Plus Just wondering if anyone has experienced this problem before? Cheers, G


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