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  1. Hey up Andy. I've got your wind sock. We thought it was Mark Morgan's as it was behind his van and he was first to leave so I packed it up with intentions of giving him it back at parafest. Are you at parafest or is it best to post out. Please see the messenger below that I sent last night.
  2. Hi Paul or Alan,

    John Welsby here AKA Hypnojohn. I live in the Huddersfield area and would like to train preferably around Huddersfield. Will be at the bore chaser gathering this weekend, will try and meet up with you's if that's ok. Cheers,


  3. When its too windy too fly. We have super little Dudek Marlins. There a great training aid for adults and keeps the kids entertained too. 

    East to West Yorkshire Paramotor Club.  Family frendly. 

    Dudek wings, Bulldog Paramotors, Parajet. 


  4. So first thing is first. When your flying. There is no wind. You are part of it. Think of your self as a little bubble floating around. Yes your ground speed changes. But you are now the wind so to answer your earlier question. Wind has no influence. Every machine has torque stear. Don't let any one kid you on that. Direct drive stears you right. Direct clutch stears you left. Belt drive clutch stears you right. If you fly a dudek Wing they come with a torque line. This you set with a knot... several in fact depending on the power you have applied. If you don't have a torque line the only other way is to set your trim slightly faster on the on torque side. However... Unless you stay even on the power the hole flight it's pointless. You'll spend all your time playing with trims instead of enjoying the view. Hope that helps. Paul East to West Yorkshire paramotor club Bull dog paramotors dudek wings
  5. Mr Andrew Maskil had an eventful evening on Wednesday.  It was his first take off at our advanced Huddersfield site. He took off with grace and we even had a visit from a hot air balloon. Another first for Andrew. To top off "firsts" Andrew had a an engine out at 550ft. Giving him time to find an emergency landing site. He did really well to stay calm. Find a field next to a road without any power lines and landed on his feet into wind. He then had a little wait while making new friends with the land owners. Very well done Andrew.


    1. admin (Simon W)

      admin (Simon W)

      Brilliant. I don't think he will forget that in a hurry lol 

      SW :D


  6. Hi Martin. My self and Alan cover training throughout Yorkshire. Please feel free to call on 07985340118. Many thanks Paul
  7. Feel free to drop me a line. Paul from East to West Yorkshire paramotor club. We will cover your area towards the lakes for training and tandem experience flights. 07985340118
  8. A very gloomy flight across Halifax tonight. It's brilliant being able to watch the rain fall from air. 

    A little tip for all you new guys. Remember on these gloomy rainy days. Always fly into wind so you can see the rain coming for you. That way you can make a quick turn and dash back to your take of field. Out running the rain and staying dry. 

    For all your training and equipment. East to West. Simply the best in Yorkshire.  

    Bulldog Paramotors 

    Dudek wings.



  9. Feel free to give me a call on 07985340118. Training and advise throughout the Yorkshire region. Many thanks Paul East to West
  10. Feel free to give me a call. 07985340118. We cover training and equipment throughout the Yorkshire region. Paul East to west
  11. Hi Max I'm Paul from East to West Yorkshire Paramotor Club. We have a new chap from up your way who travels down to our site in Hull for training It may be worth getting to know us and maybe travel down together. Feel free to drop me a line if your interested. Paul
  12. My instructor from 5 years ago, became last night the student as I gave instruction to fly tandem. This was Richards first tandem on the Mighty Bulldog and Dudek WRC Duo. 3rd attempt and we were off. 

    Bulldog Paramotors, Parajet, Dudek Wings. 


  13. A little super star giving the big thumbs up after his Paramotor  tandem experience flight. 

    Bulldog Paramotors, Parajet, Dudek Wings. 



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