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  1. For sale almost new (used once) a Parajet Zenith with Polini Thor 190 electric start engine in gunmetal grey and red. L/XL harness (suits me at 6ft/75kg). Engine has been ran in as per manual guidelines, only had one 20min flight out of it and now don't have the confidence to get back in the air. Comes with a Gin 42 PPG reserve Ozone Roadster 2 - 26m wing Microavionics helmet and headset Motomonitor (not yet installed) Spare Parajet Carbon prop Spare Parajet cage parts Wind socks x3 for various conditions 7ft telescopic wind sock pole Toolbox and all tools required for maintenance This was from a hobby which never really got off the ground. No pun intended, if you’re planning on starting this hobby then this is the entire package at a greatly discounted price! Can be viewed/seen running. Price is £7000, I’m located in County Durham. Tel no. 07540456029 email: deanspoors@hotmail.com This is well over £10k of gear here which has only ever been used once. Perfect for anyone starting out or getting back into the sport.
  2. Not thrown one myself, but it's something you should have discussed during any training. I was told to throw sharply downwards slightly in front of myself. Even if your wing has collapsed you'll likely still be somewhat vertical, although probably descending at some rate. You need to give the reserve the best chance to get some distance from yourself to open away from your motor and lines. Altitude is always your friend, the higher you are the more time you have to untangle your reserve. Also once your reserve is open it's important to pull your wing in towards you as quick as you can as both wing and reserve can act against each other.
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  4. Thats good news, thanks Simon opens up quite a few more take off sites in my area. Dean
  5. Hi, near me there is a restricted airspace; R432 Frankland/Durham Restricted Helicopter Restriction Surface to 2200ALT EG R432 Frankland/Durham The Restricted Area applies only to helicopters. Flight permitted by any helicopter operated by or on behalf of a police force for any area of the United Kingdom. I was told by my instructor that any R Airspace is restricted to Paramotorists, but the description confuses me as it says the restriction only applies to helicopters, so, can I enter the area? Thanks, Dean
  6. Can I just add one further question and that is, do you need permission from your local council to take off from the beach? I have just recently been told by my local council that I am not allowed to take off/land on any council owned "public" land. regards, Dean
  7. thanks Simon, which apps do you use? and do you mount the ipad on your lap?
  8. So I'm in the process of buying my equipment, with the intention of cross countrying, including working up to the Icarus trophy, and mini Icarus set in Wales in July. I currently have an iPhone 6 with a few different apps, sky demon, UKPPGS, etc. I am planning on xc-ing generally from a point A to B avoiding any controlled airspace, what should I buy? I'm looking at either; An iPad mini 4 cellular which includes internal GPS and barometer (basically a larger screen iPhone) and using Runway HD or similar. or A dedicated GPS unit such as a Flymaster GPS SD or Just stick with the iPhone? What is everybody's opinion/preference? Cheers, Dean
  9. Brilliant, I'm sure you'll enjoy it. I get nervous before each flight, but that soon subsides. I've made a fb group for north east pilots if you have a Facebook account. Hopefully we can arrange a meet up from there otherwise I can collect email addresses too. Have you got some kit to practice your ground handling in your own time?
  10. Hi Sabre, Good luck with your training, where are you doing it? Glad to hear you've found somewhere to take off and land, I think that is going to be the hardest part for me.
  11. Yeah, finished the course, completed APPI up to pilot level.
  12. Hi guys, I've just completed a APPI pilots licence in Spain with Skyschool, I've ordered my equipment, a Zenith Polini 190 elec and Roadster 2, now I want to practice, practice, practice. It would be great to hear from anyone in and around County Durham who have or know of any good launch sites and would also like to possibly cross country. My email address is; deanspoors@hotmail.com And phone number; 07540456029 Facebook Group; Paramotorists - North East Get in touch Dean
  13. I'd be very interested to know this also. I'm planning on doing the Icarus Trophy this year, and getting kit or more specifically the engine over there looks like the hardest part!
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