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  1. Sod the 'lord'. How did he get the land? Taken by force by his family generations ago? what does he do that's of use to anyone except live off his inherited ill gotten gains... they make my blood boil
  2. ...it costs about 12p more per litre for high octane fuel. at a burn rate of 4lph that's less than 50p per hour. over 100hrs of flying, that's less than £50 engine costs around £2000 seems like a no brain decision to use the best fuel and oil to me?
  3. There's no power difference between the factory and plus. Unfortunately one of the most obvious features is also it's weak point. The Titanium exhaust. looks stunning, cracks between 15 and 20 hrs. This was replaced under warranty for me twice now, sadly the replacement looks like they've done nothing to fix what is clearly a problem (yet). but,. As they've been free replacement - and take about 10m to do, well I'm still delighted. If I have to pay for one myself,then I may well put a regular steel pipe on it. I've now spoken with 4 people who've experienced the
  4. Just 'upgraded' from an Ozone Roadster2 to the Speedster. 'test' flew the Speedster2 and that was enough to convince me to spend. as a qualifying statement, I love the R2 wing - and would say it was going to take something special to make me change,. But the S2 is a lot more agile using just the tip steering and still provides a good dose of that lovely confidence inspiring (bombproof) 'feeling' of the R2. BUT where I would wholeheartedly recommend the R2 to a new pilot as a sensible step from a school wing, I would not say the same for the S2. It's certainly a lot livelier tha
  5. I know the above might be too late for the original poster, but I'm guessing the question is still relevant for many looking at engines.
  6. Just though I'd chime in on this old thread as I've now owned both these engines and flown them both for >30 hrs each. I'll start out with saying I prefer the Moster, for the following reasons. 1. It's lighter (although I have the moster factory which amplifies the difference in weight) 2. Not just lighter, but I'm sure the weight is carried closer to your back which makes it feel MUCH lighter 3. In my experience over time the moster has proven to be far less finicky with regards to carb settings or plugs. It just keeps running and runs well - I think that vitorazzi use
  7. Hey all, Just joined the forum, so only polite to say hello... I'm a 'new' pilot, (still training) with Skyschool (Zeb)- - busy logging as many hours as I possibly can in preparation for the Icarus Trophy in October. For anyone who hasn't heard of the Icarus Trophy, it's a paramotor race, taking off near the northern tip of the USA westcoast, and flying to basically the southern border(ish) over 2 weeks Based in Beds/Bucks area, still trying to find good flying locations / and witnesses for my inevitable mistakes. Best, Ben
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