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  1. The comp was good fun. Lots of xc and turnpoints to find with embedded other tasks on route such as flying the snake track marked on the map. The nice thing was the lack of pressure, constant live tracking. Helpful marshals, well equipped campsite with showers. Lovely spot. My highlight was a trip to Wales, picking up points on the way. Landed and refuelled by marshals. Then fly home.. plan .. tripped on takeoff and broke prop! so returned to base by car/ trailer provided by comp. Planning to go again in Aug 2019.
  2. Mark, Thanks for your advice. Yes, maybe main tank - primer bulb - comp bottle - fuel pump - carb is the way ahead. I would have to remove the venting I guess as the fuel pump would have to suck the fuel up to the bottle, rather than pumping into the bottle.. But any air leaks would render it all useless! or what if the bottle was pressurised? ie.. main tank - primer - fuel pump - bottle - with no venting or return from the bottle - carb? At the moment it is main tank - primer bulb - fuel pump - comp bottle - carb (with gravity feed and vented return to the main tank). or perhaps I should just wait until PB gets back from his hols! best, Henry
  3. Hi all, I want to set up a gravity feed comp bottle on my Bailey V5 as I am going to have a go again at the Nationals this year and it's also a safety benefit as it gives you ample warning of running out of fuel. I set it up so fuel pump feeds fuel into bottle, fuel gravity feeds to carb and excess fuel feeds back into main tank through return pipe T connected into the normal return pipe. This is how it was set up on my old Bailey 175 (V3?) but it doesn't seem to work correctly with the v5. The bottle fills up fine and the excess flows back to the tank fine. The carb gets fuel ok to through and extra small fuel filter. some small amounts of air soon get sucked through when the engine revs are increased and clear. Engine runs ok on tickover but coughs and splutters at higher revs as though there is too much air going in. I wondered whether it needs a different setup of jets or something to supply fuel by gravity rather than direct from fuel pump? I would ask PB but he's on hols. I refitted the carb the normal way and its fine and runs beautifully as usual. Any help gratefully received. Cheers, Henry
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