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  1. Thanks for getting back Guy. I’m hopefully going to the coast to coast fly-in at the end of the month and ask some questions there. thanks once again Kev
  2. Hi Mark my kill switch is latched so it stays dead until I push it again, seems the safest way to me.
  3. Hi all Not flying yet so would it be possible to turn up and have a chat with some of you before disappearing into the sky. Simon, if you read this is it possible to have a chat about training or would you prefer to leave it to another time
  4. Next I need to think about training, my past training was with BHPA, but now wouldn’t prefer training with Simon, maybe I contact him directly as not sure of the syllabus as I would like to go straight into Para trike training if possible as the bad leg could be a problem foot launching. Does anyone know if this is possible.
  5. I’ve put the shaft in place of the original swing arm pivot point, you can still see I have left one of the mounting loops on the crankcase, this were the rubber mount would be fitted. It seemed to be the best way to transfer the thrust
  6. Hi Andy I see what you’ saying, if the wing was to move side to side this could put more strain on one end of the pin and caused it to sheer. I’v decided to scrap the hang points. I’v just contacted Avian hang gliders to see if they can supply me with two hang loops, they do custom lengths so hopefully they will do them 1080mm, that will allow me to use the bottom tube to take the weight and the top tube to hold the pitch correctly. If it works I will then order two more to attach on another tube as a backup so in total I will have four straps and four carabiners as this is an experimental unit just to be safe
  7. Will give the lipo batteries a try but I know charging them can be dangerous if the correct charger isn’t used
  8. Hi Mark I’ve kept the engine at the same angle as in a scooter but machined the crank case and welded on a 20mm think aluminium plate on one side and a 16mm plate on the other, spent hour’s machining most of it away to get it as light as possible, I think I have about 20 % of the original metal remaining. I then put a aluminium shaft between the two plates to transfer the thrust from the propeller shaft to the engine mount’s so as to not load up the crank case. I’v Attached a photo to help explain
  9. Hi Mark I had noticed the compression on my motor is very high. The starter really struggled to turn it over, I have to press the button until it stalls then release and try again, but considering what I’ve done to the engine it start’s every time, the fuelling needs to be fine tuned but I’m running it slightly richer than normal as it will run leaner with altitude. I used to race karts and they were a pig to setup at different tracks.
  10. Hi Andy Thanks for your reply. I did think of using long hang straps like used on Hang gliding but longer that would go down to the lower spar and just use the upper spar to hold the hang points correctly for pitch positions. Avian hang gliders can supply these to any length so may be I’l give them a call. I still have one hanging from a beam in my garage swl 1.5 tone. I didn’t like the look of my hang points anyway! As for the engine, it’s similar to the bailey engine, I know mine has many mods done to it but my friend has a scooter with one of these engine and he is 18 stone and he ride’s it flat out to work and back, nearly an Hr each way for the last 2 years and hasn’t even changed the spark plug, never let him down, I don’t even think he knows where the engine is! I will definitely scrap the hang points. Cheers Kev
  11. Hi The engine is a gy6 as you said. It started off as a 150cc but I’ve made a few changes. The only original part is the crank, the engine casing had to be machined to fit the engine mounts and the reduction pulleys, and had to bore out the neck to accept the larger 180cc barrel. The cylinder head is a big valve head with a high lift cam, 30mm inlet manifold and 30mm slide carb as well as a big bore exhaust. I removed the cooling fan from the flywheel as this only consumes power and I thought I’ve got a big fan already, to compensate for this I’ve fitted a oil cooler and external oil filter. It also has a “racing” ignition module which removes the Rev limiter and advances the timing at higher revs. Should rev to 10,000rpm with max power around 8,000 and plenty of torque. Have had it running but only upto 4,000 rpm on a test stand and it felt it had plenty of power, also fitted it to the trike and drove it around the garden at around 25mph so I’m hoping it will have enough power to take off! I’ve attached som photos Please let me know it there’s any thing I’ve overlooked as I’ve fitted several engine’s in to different vehicles but never something that’s intended to fly
  12. Hi Thanks for the reply’s. It is 6068 and I’m just making the hang points and I feel the same as you about a safety back up. I’m using 8 mm climbing rope attached to the hang points, I’v Attached a photo to show, they’re a bit clumpy and heavy at the moment so I think a bit more machining is required.
  13. Hi done a hang test yesterday looking like it’s 175cm from the bend in the top rails, this gives me a slight nose up but haven’t tried it with the engine running, does this sound ok. The wing I have is a Dudek LT 34 just had a test done at The Loft and has a cleaner bill of health so should get me started. I also have an old wing only good enough for ground handling (Max 75kg) I was going to use this as a test wing to see how the trike behaves whilst taxiing. I’m fortunate to be surrounded by flat farmland and I know the farmers so will soon be able to try it out. Does this sound a good idea or not! Any advice will be much appreciated as I’m an absolute beginner. Cheers kev
  14. Hi New to paramotoring, and paragliding. Had a club pilot rating in hang gliding and a couple of days paragliding lessons some years ago. I’ve built my own trike and is now almost ready to fly so training is the next step, I’ve hurt my leg so foot launching would be very difficult. Any help would be most grateful. I’ve attached a photo of the trike, any comments would be gratefully received.
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