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  1. Hi all, It's taken me quite a while to get back on here. I thought I'd set it to mail me when someone replied but clearly not!! Well I bit the bullet and booked a trial day at Airways for last Wednesday only for the weather to ruin it for me, so now I'm booked back in for the end of Oct. I was gutted as I'd been looking forward to it so much, but I guess I need to get used to weather disappointments if I'm going to do this seriously. Someone once told me of people who want to fly, there are those who have the time and those who have the money. Hardly anyone has both - so I'm trying to tread that path carefully. Any hints on what I can do in the time leading up to my day to get the most out of it? Chris.
  2. Hi all, I'm looking to start my journey into flying paramotors. So far all I've got is a strong desire to do it and a copy of "Paramotoring from the ground up" that I've completely read. I'm based in Derbyshire and I was thinking of Airways Airsports for my training. Any reviews from people here? I figure they are my best bet in the area as I want the BHPA membership. Is it worth it? Should I go down another route? I'm going to be looking for second hand kit at some point but at the moment I've not even been and done a trial day or anything. That's my next step. Any words of wisdom? I'm thinking of starting my training as soon as I can get organised. Is autumn/winter a bad time to begin this? Should I wait until Spring? I can't wait to get into the skies. Hopefully I'll see some of you around! Chris
  3. Hi, My name's Chris and I'm just starting down the road of trying to get into paramotoring. I'm right at the beginning too. I've no training, no kit and barely an idea I'm based in Ambergate near Belper and I'm thinking about maybe doing my training at airways airsports in Darley Moor. Can anyone in the area pass on any words of wisdom to help me along my way? Anyone know of any good sites in my vicinity for using once fully trained? Pretty sure I saw/heard a paramotor flying over Ambergate earlier in the year, was it one of you? So anyway, hello to you all. Maybe I'll see you around and please give whatever advice you can! Chris
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