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  1. Goldy, you just followed an aviation tradition that has saved countless lives, rivers of tears and hills of bent metal. We are curious being who, by and large, enjoy taking risks. That's the way of the world, but the unfamiliar can lure us places we have no business visiting. You kept thinking and got away with it - well done, and thanks... "If I don't do this, how much will it matter next week?" - V - "If I do this and it goes wrong, how much will it matter next week"
  2. Tj, There are changes in the wind, the PMC and its instructors are going to be taking the manual system across and bringing it in-house. I am bowing out due to a major illness and simply do not have the time and energy to devote to it. That all said this is an exciting time, your instructors will be improving and adding to PCOM over the coming months. I hope that helps.
  3. Hi Guys, I am adding content to our manual system PCOM and would be grateful for photos that illustrate club activity on the flying fields anywhere and everywhere. If you would like to participate please visit this link. Your images will be properly attributed to you - you'll be immortalized, just like Pete B below!
  4. Thanks to Patrick Puxley for a nice set of 4. Thanks to Steve Thomas for a lovely set of 3.
  5. Guys, I need some good quality shots of field activity, in fact any PPG activity that illustrates the sport in action. If you would like to contribute your images please drop them to me at the email address within my signature below. In a perfect world around 600Xwhatever pixels, med to high resolution. By sending them to me you will be assigning permission for us to use them within PMC's manuals. All work will be credited to the owner/photographer. Thanks in advance. Example © Paul Haxby 2014
  6. I'm trying to get a sense of how often people are leaving the local area and flying across country. If you are, what altitudes/heights are you using during transit? Do you land-away, or return to your departure place without landing? Answers on a post(card) gents (and ladies).
  7. Guys, I have been away for a while but have returned to the task of completing PCOM. Edition 8 will be out soon, both the Vol 1 for download, and 3.1, 'The Red Book'.
  8. A bit of a milestone I'd say. Top job Simon.
  9. Hi Guys, I would like to share a few words on the value of student blogs as a learning tool. I am working through an OU degree that is based wholly on ODE - 'Online and Distance Education' and it struck me that some of the work we are doing has particular relevance here. PPG has thrived through its association with the internet, you might even say it has been instrumental in its development and expansion as evidenced through this forum and others like it. As well as the obvious social and commercial activities that surround the sport, there is a strong educational element attached to our online activities isn't there? Distance education is not new, the Australians have been using its techniques since the 50's as remote communities needed a service to educate their young. They used HAM radio and 'snail mail', but this modern manifestation of the older 'University of the Air' has produced a new revolution. 'Collaborative eLearning' as it is now called was little understood when it first arrived and it still lives as a relative infant even within Higher Education structures around the world. That is changing now of course as we get a 'handle' on the 'pedagogical' challenges and start building training systems that 'work for humans'. Enough background, student blogs are a part of a network of tools being used and developed in this exciting field. Student blogs are a powerful reflective learning tool that leverage personal experience in a very interesting way. Further, discovering that we are not alone with our challenges (be they based around skills or understanding) creates a bond between us. To weave value into our posts and cut down a little on the clutter it may help to focus a little on the sort of content we might write when sharing our experiences. Here are a few sub-headings that might get you going; What was the learning situation or event? What have I learned and how did I learn it? How do I feel (good and bad feelings) about what I've learned and how I've learned it? How could I have learned more efficiently/effectively? What actions can I take to learn more efficiently and effectively for the future? In what ways do I need to change my attitudes, expectations, values and the like to feel better about learning situations? Important Note Any adventurous sport, and particularly aviation based activity requires us to be vigilant in all matters where safety is concerned, particularly when we discuss flying matters between ourselves. A sound tactic would be to ensure that we are not prescriptive when reflecting upon our experiences don't offer advice - offer what you have learned, a reflection on your experience. Others may chip in and give their view, but we must always remember that a misconception - or worse, an unsupported/unqualified assertion might cost someone damage, injury or worse. If you are offering the fruit of your experiences and what they mean to you, we all have the opportunity to learn and perhaps enlighten each other on our journey. Instructors and Mentors will be reading your training blogs to gain insights into your learning experiences as a way to improve their practice/develop their technique, not to laugh or criticise. They have been where you are and know what it feels like. So please, use you training blogs, share your passion for flight and your experiences.
  10. Yes, things have been a little quiet of late as I have been busy elsewhere. I have just completed Edition 7 of the TPG and renamed it on issue the Pilot's Flying Guide (PFG) as this better represents its function.
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