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  1. Hi team, I'd like to change my display name from Maddirk to Dirk, if that is possible, please? Kind regards, Dirk
  2. Hi Mark, thank you, really appreciate your reply. I'll have a look at the locations you mention, but need to wait for warmer weather, brrr. Many thanks, kind regards, Dirk
  3. Hi guys, we finally found a housen near Henley-in-Arden and will be moving in hopefully by August. Would be keen to find out where the nearest training centre is? Thanks, Dirk
  4. Yes, thanks for your replies, I am looking for training. It's going to be a long-term project, as we have to find a new house first! And have it all bristol-ship-shape, otherwise my better half will throw a wobbler. I'll have a search for "jock at malvern"..
  5. Hi there, We have moved to Birmingham now and looking to buy a property probably in Worcesterhire. Where's the nearest nice paramotor school, please? Cheers, Dirk
  6. Hi Pete, Thanks, that makes sense to me. Guess as a starter it is out of the question anyway. So, probably start with a beginners foil with potential and save up for a tandem one plus harness. Guess the engine can be a strong one from the start ? Cheers, Dirk
  7. Pete, Had a good look at all the list of goodies you described. Thanks again, really helpful. Just wondered, what are the disadvantages of flying a tandem wing solo ? Anything I could not do with a tandem wing solo flying that would work with a "normal" wing ? Cheers, Dirk
  8. Thanks, Alan! - Having some trouble navigating those sites, wish my French was better. Kind regards, Dirk
  9. Thanks, Pete! - Lots to study, much appreciate your detailed response. Kind regards Dirk
  10. Hi Pete, What would you suggest as an "ideal" setup, please ? I already weigh 110kg on my own... Thanks, kind regards, Dirk
  11. Hi Ian, Thank you so much for your message! I am really sorry I did not come back to you earlier, but I didn't check the board for ages and also didn't receive a notification of your reply. Will have to check my settings again... Really would love to take you up on your offer, brilliant that you live so close. Perhaps we could meet on one of the coming weekends if the weather allows? I also am home between Xmas until Jan8th, if that would work out better. Have pm'd you my private email and mobile number, am already very excited about this opportunity, thank you. Cheers, Dirk
  12. Good question, I would love to have a table comparing requirements by country and the recognition of coming from England with no licences at all. ? Cheers, thx, Dirk
  13. Heck, I found that tandem flights and aerobatics and long distance might not be done with one setup.
  14. Hi guys, I live close to Headcorn airfield (~15 min.) and I really will go and do this, one of so many other dreams to live. Not enough dosh at this time to go for it fully, so, in the meantime, is someone in the area who'd be happy to introduce me to the basics, please? - Drinks and all expenses are on me Cheers, Dirk And my perfect rig once all is sorted would be a 2 seater aerobatic long distance one. Must take the family out sometimes and still want challenging fun. Suggestions for a setup are very welcome, thanks.
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