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  1. Hi Nick, going to be back in Kirkcudbright end of june/july would be great to hook up with you my email is davidgs1100@gmail.com, drop me a mail with your contact details Cheers David
  2. davontour


  3. Hi Visiting Relatives in Kirkcudbight, any local pilots who can advise me of local flyind do's and dont's please.
  4. Hi Guys, I am visiting Kent in June to stay with my sister near Cranbrook/Tenterden , will have all my kit with me, need guidance from local pilots as to where I can and cannot fly, much appreciated David
  5. can anyone tell me why Pm's remain in outbox when I send them?
  6. Hi I am david Living in Spain near Figueras and looking to start training soon, bit nervous cos of my age (56) had enough of adventure motorcycling and always wanted to fly, this looks like one hell of a way to do it! love this site. Cant wait to get started!
  7. Looking to do a beginners course, but living in Spain a lot of the year. Are there different qualifications required for Spain?? thanks
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