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  1. RoyCha

    For sale on e bay

    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/151581825153? ... 1555.l2649
  2. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Garmin-96c-GP ... 234aad855b
  3. Hi Andy, welcome to the dark art, just waiting for a small repair on my frame ( Don't say anything Norb ) then i will be out again, will PM you when the time comes. Roy, Stourbridge.
  4. Please don't show the first one to the ranger at Weston-Super-Mare, don't want him getting any ideas.
  5. Thanks mike, All part of the learning curve and we all still enjoyed the day, looking forward to flying with you lot very soon. Another two members of the Worcester chapter to contend with soon !!!!!, Roy.
  6. Thanks Norb, Was great feeling to be in the air under power, never forget that first flight, O i will never forget the second either, lol lol. New prop on order!!!!!!! Still a great day for both of us. Will be out again soon, looking forward to flying with you guys. Roy.
  7. No worries Simon, will be at the next fly in, it may be a drive in for me but would still be good experience for me to meet the other pilots and gain some tips regarding powered flight. See you all soon, Roy C
  8. Hi Simon, All done, on here every day, hope to see you all soon. Roy C.
  9. Hi Simon, will be coming along, is camping still an option, im new on this forum and would be good to ask some questions re this sport and possible training.
  10. Hi Mark, yes its the same Roy, still looking but think i will take your advice and get some training done first, will also go to the NEC show in November, have heard its not as good now, haven't been since it moved from Telford. Strange nobody posts anything about the V5, will just have to wait and see. Regards. R
  11. Hi, im a newby on here and thinking of ordering a V5 this week, so whats the verdict, are they worth the money and has anyone had any real issues with the V5, been scanning the internet but not really much out there from owners, any feedback would be a bonus, Good or Bad. Thanks,
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