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  1. JamieG

    Miniplane Top 80

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    For sale is my Miniplane Top 80. It's had plenty of use but is still in excellent condition and has been well maintained.


  2. View Advert Miniplane Top 80 For sale is my Miniplane Top 80. It's had plenty of use but is still in excellent condition and has been well maintained. Advertiser JamieG Date 11/03/19 Price £1,800.00 Category Paramotors  
  3. 116kg all up flying an original Snake 22. Level flight and trimmers in, I have the same rpm as I did on my old Synth 29. Much easier to launch also.
  4. JamieG

    Thrust required for tandem

    Hi will007, I regularly take my 11 year old boys up with my Miniplane top 80 and Dudek Orca 2 wing (42m3). It was easy when they were younger (8yrs), but now as they're growing I feel it's safer that I get more power, to get away from the ground sooner. (That's what I told the Mrs, and the result is a new Nitro 200) I'm also 82kg and have taken the Mrs up but that was using a Pap ros 125. It had enough thrust but it would have been nicer/safer if I had more. The Nitro should be plenty. One of the most experienced guys I know doing tandems is Clive Mason. I'm sure he'd help you out. Kind regards Jamie
  5. JamieG

    The History of Parajet

    Really enjoyed that Steve, thanks. Great to see you at Parafest and will give you a shout when I'm up your way again.
  6. http://www.itv.com/news/wales/2017-02-11/this-wales-fan-has-shown-his-support-1-000-feet-above-pembrokeshire/
  7. Have you got any Welsh flags Simon?
  8. JamieG

    top 80

    Mine does this too, quite normal, just the fuel slowly siphoning back into the tank over time. Blow into the tank via the vent to pressure it up a little, quickly block the vent with your finger then tickle the carb diaphragm until the filter fills up and you see the fuel in the fuel line arrive at the carb.
  9. JamieG


    Ha ha, this vid I made after my morning flight seemed to get some people excited today. Pity they lost though, never mind, maybe next time. The Welsh boys did us proud! I'm not much of a footie fan but seeing as it was Wales playing, oh go on then. Good bit of fun! http://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/man-supporting-wales-thousands-feet-11576682 http://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/man-supporting-wales-thousands-feet-11576682
  10. JamieG

    Parafest 2016

    Really enjoyed reading that Steve, fair play, that was a great weekend! Mark and the marshalls did a fantastic job, and I can't wait until the next one. Maybe Mark could organise an autumn Parafest too, twice a year ..wahay!
  11. Cool thing about the member map. You can see who is getting rained on! lolol ;)

    My wife has just got back from where you live. She has family there. 

    Its very rare indeed but next time I visit I will make sure to give you a nod for a beer. 

    SW :D

    1. JamieG


      Nice one Simon, yes, bring your gear and I can give you a tour of Pembrokeshire. :P


  12. JamieG

    New website - great job

    Yes, nice job with the new website especially the member map. Nice one!
  13. Yes, I take all three as they are constantly pestering me to go flying Simon. I first took them up in May last year, something I'd wanted to do for a long time and after lots of careful planning it was a great success. I find the kids are much easier to get off the ground than the adults as they do exactly what you say and can be easily programmed. Have taken them all up many times now but only when conditions are perfect. (One at a time that is) I occasionally take the wife up too and we have a fly around our village in Pembrokeshire. Feel so lucky to be doing this sport, it's amazing isn't it. Don't want to go on too much but here's a few vids I've done.
  14. This is a pic of me and one of my triplet boys flying over our village called Hook, on the Cleddau estuary in Pembrokeshire.