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  1. Just out of curiosity what other motors have you had? Cheers ive watched all the scout vids about paramotor design and suspension and its amazing how much work seems to of gone into those things, at a price i know. I just wonder if the same amount of r&d goes into these other makers or weather they just wing it or copy others. Just thinking curious
  2. Just out of curiosity what other motors have you had? Cheers
  3. Ive been looking around for a new paramotor. Ive seen the Maverick and tinox but then stumbled across the WASP website. I dont really know much about these, how long they have been around etc. There are so many out there these days. I feel inclined to go for one of the more trusted makes, Parajet or PAP but would love to know what the WASP is like in comparison. Let me know your thoughts. Cheers
  4. i would ask someone like simon or any one of the lads at parajet for advice. They are always very helpful. No point in wasting money on the wrong kit.
  5. Have you tried one with an eos 150 in? Just wondered what they were like compared to the moster?
  6. would you go for an atom 80 or an eos 150? Just curios. Ive tried a 100 but neither of the others
  7. Hi simon, have you tried a PAP tinox with an atom?
  8. Is there an option on the harness when buying from pap?
  9. Is there anyone out there with a tinox? if so what do you think? Whats it like to get into the harness after launch? That was the only thing i found to be a pain on my old PAP. The zenith is really easy to get into the seat after launch.
  10. Im thinking about a new machine. Ive been looking at the Maverick (ive already got zenith and i do like the parajet guys) or maybe a PAP tinox with an atom 80. Has anyone got any recommendations? Cheers
  11. Yeah i would. Its awesome for keeping up those ground skills and really good fun too. Hayle dunes are amazing fun in the right conditions.
  12. Matt are you planning to do any free flying or are you just going to stick with the motor?
  13. Lets hope this crap weather improves really soon before it all seems like a distant memory!
  14. Its amazing how much you can get in with good weather. Thats exactly why i completed my course in italy. It would of been good to stay at home to fly but it would of taken bloody months. Was yours a BHPA course?
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