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  1. You could easily spend the same amount of money repairing your kit after you bin it as you would paying an instructor to tell you all the pit falls before you start.
  2. Just curious but what things do you consider being a complete waste of time?
  3. I was just searching for what we are allowed to do and not allowed to do and came across this. Seems to give even more mixed messages about it all. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/high-consequence-infectious-diseases-hcid#status-of-covid-19
  4. Has anyone on here bought one of these yet?
  5. No not at all. Thats who i did my training with. Really good bunch. You will love it.
  6. This is a very interesting subject and i dont think there is one perfect route for everyone to go down. As i said above i have been down both routes, UK training and training abroad. Both of which i paid up front for. First one in the uk ended up costing me over a grand and got me nowhere, worse than that it actually put me off the sport for a few years. Second attempt (1 week in uk 1 week in italy) i again paid up front but came away completely satisfied and able to fly. It did not work for everyone mind. There were a couple of guys on the first week (who had also paid up front) who never made it into the air and gave up. There was also 1 guy who spent the first week ground handling and then went onto the second week in italy but still never got to fly let alone carry out all the tasks. It was not because of the location or the training because it was the same for all of us. He just couldnt get it! Some people cant. In short if i was to do it all over again i would of started by going abroad in the first place. Again only my opinion.
  7. everyone seems to go for the moster these days! Not sure if thats actually because they are the best all round or if they have just done a great marketing job?
  8. Just go for it and gain as much experience as you can. Weather permitting you will have an amazing few days and will have learnt loads. It will at least give you a taster and the enthusiasm to continue your journey in the sport back here. Good luck and enjoy.
  9. I did the APPI route and found it very comprehensive. I can't speak about BHPA as I've not done one of their courses.
  10. You might find this informative http://www.volopuro.it/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/1.4-log-book.pdf
  11. This is a very interesting subject and i think there are pros and cons with both options of training, here or abroad. Firstly i think you have a very valid point on the "Zero to Hero" courses. These should be sold as an introductory courses and no way will someone who has never even handled a wing before attend one of these and expect to come home after about 10 days ready to fly off on their own. But the story is different for everyone and for some, these courses abroad will be the perfect way to progress in the sport. I think training in the uk will actually put lots of people off the sport to be honest. I started my training with you way back, probably in about 2012, i forget now, but i was really excited about it then. I paid in full up front and then waited for the weather to play ball. To cut a long story short i came up to membury a few times (about 200 miles), slept in the van and played the normal uk game of waiting for the correct conditions to learn. On my first attempt to take off i cocked up which resulted in me striking the prop on the floor! That cost me another few hundred quid to pay for that. In the end i got fed up with trying to match up days off with a 200 mile trip and then hoping that the weather would be ok. So in short i paid for a full course had a couple of days ground training, one failed take off and then i gave up. I then didnt bother to try again until a few years later thinking that it was never going to happen. In 2018 i got the interest (and time) to give it another go. This time luck was on my side and i did a weeks training in Mere uk. The weather was amazing and spent hours in the field honing my ground handling skills. ( i already had quite a bit of ground handling under my belt) This week ended in a couple of great flights. I then booked my second week with the same company in italy. Again luck was on my side in italy and the weather was flyable (variable) everyday. This meant we were in the air every morning by about 8am doing exercises and again every evening when it cooled off again. We did low passes, dead engine spot landings cross country flights etc etc all in a week! This gave me much more experience than i would of crammed in in the uk. All that said when i got home it was still another story. Flying for the first time without an instructor keeping an eye on you was daunting but because i had done quite a bit of flying on my course i eventually went for it and ive not looked back. I did way more flying in that one week in italy than ive managed to get in here in the last 6 months. So i think there is a place for both options. If i had not taken the route of going to italy i would still not be flying thats for sure. I agree that in most cases further training will be needed when you get back to this country. I also agree with you that learning in the country you are going to fly in is also a good idea. I think anyone who is considering going to do a course in spain or similar should like you say simon take it as an introduction into the sport and expect to have to spend a few quid with you when they get back to further their skills. But if we discourage them from going in the first place they may never take up the sport. Only my opinion!
  12. Im sure you already know but its important with this type of thing to try one thing at a time. Its all to easy to do lots of jobs at once but then you never get to know which individual bit was at fault. From the video it is not electrical. It is a fuel issue,
  13. just try putting more fuel in before trying anything else. At least that will rule out one thing.
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