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  1. For sale , Bailey , snap 100 , running a 110 cm prop. Upgraded ego gearbox ,Spare 1 half & 1 quarter frame section .spare prop . runs as new , as fitted with new barrel / piston Two spare clutches Aibox has gone a bit brittle , but serviceable . New K&N filter in with sale anyway Great beginner machine , Its been a great paramotor , but just not getting flown , so got to go. £2000 ono tel 07778869807 or message
  2. Hi, Had the same happen to me on the snap, the fan bits ricocheted back off prop, shearing the dry coupling in flight !!. Cisco are a pain to deal with . I got a replacement from MECAFLY. lots of diff motor spares .very efficient.
  3. Factory markings were 225mm too long !!!!
  4. The Prussic knot is a great knot, used alot in climbing, it will not slide down the line when under load , but will easly be pushed up , and easly down when not loaded. Which seems to be happening to the revo tip steer lines when not loaded !!. I will get the wing out and measure the brake line length (3000 mm). In the meantime, im glad i kept my old revo !!!
  5. Hi , thanks for the replies. I have not changed the slack adjustment from my first post , ie (approx inch of the pully) . But i have tonight ground handled the wing with trims fully out and I still have the same amount of slack , (Mabye more??????????) in the brake lines . not botherd about speed bar use . Im meant to be flying the f***king thing , than pissing around sorting line lengths on the ground forever more !!!. Taking it up next sutible day.
  6. Ok, thanks for the advice , i see whats being said and it makes sense . But why is the revo manual , stateing that to double check the lengths , kite and have no more slack than a couple of centimeters before pulling on trailing edge. this clashes with the line markings ??
  7. Surely on full reflex trim the brake line length stays the same , but just means the toggles are higher ?
  8. Iv had the new revo 2 out of the bag for first time . 1st prob slipped tip steer lines. going to remove them , till i get used to the wing . Next prob is the brake lines being long ,too long. Comes set for low hang points . iv a bailey high hang set up . Using the the 2 marks paramania put on the line im still finding them too long ! , need to take up another 4 inches above the higher mark. Going to set them by kiting the wing , and getting a couple of centimeters movement befofe pulling the trailing edge , Bit different to the manuals advice i know.. Any thoughts on this by anyone ?? regards
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