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  1. We are a UK importer of Icaro, and we stock Icaro Solar X, and Icaro Scarab. After we tested the TZ, we found it not to fit very well, in comparison to the other helmets they make, and from feedback from others. So as MicroAvionics, we only stock helmets we are happy to sell, therefore I suggest if you want a TZ, then try first.
  2. Yes, probably one of a group of about 5 from around Belper.
  3. Oh yes, I remember this one and our German importer did speak to us. Maybe you could buy a midland radio or you can make your own jack plug converter should we provide a lead to a 3.5mm plug. Just an idea, you could have Bluetooth fitted, then you could call your wife.
  4. Hi Lee, Eddie@ MicroAvionics here. We can connect Sena 20 & 30's to our system. The only thing we cannot do it fit a BT intercom for 2 way chat inside our headset. Personally I don't like the Sena/BT intercoms, so many intermittent issues and range is sometimes woefully inadequate and not as stated by the manufacturers. One recent and well known client only had 400m range on a Sena kit that was meant to broadcast upto 2km. My pennies worth is stick with a radio, but I understand there are other needs, which is fine.
  5. Hi Dave. Eddie @ MicroAvionics here. We can connect 2 pin Motorola into our system. If you want your secondary connector changing, then let us know and we will have that sorted super quick.
  6. We usually supply and fit the headsets to the helmet. But in your case it is a self fit. There are many different bolt sizes or fixing systems, so for self fit we just provide one nut and bolt. Usually the M6 bolt fits the majority of helmets but sometimes you need M5.
  7. If you want to use two radios at the same time, then the master radio uses the PTT on the headset. THe secondary radio used the radio's PTT. This is our standard system, however, we can supply a cable that connects to an externally wired PTT. There is a muting system on the headset, so the master radio will mute tha audio from the secondary radio.
  8. Eddie from MicroAvionics here. A late reply fo you, but the Yaesu radios are the best airband to go for. FTA 250L is a great small compact and would probably be my choice.
  9. Eddie from MicroAvionics here. I'm glad you like your new PM100 headset, For sure you will enjoy the features... there are plenty. Personally I like the Stereo music, but others like the duplex audio recording and the fact that you can configure the headset for virtually any radio with the internal switches. Enjoy!!
  10. Hello Fray, I am Eddie Cartwright, owner of MicroAvionics UK LTD. Most of our dealers in the US are for Ultralight, so best you speak to us directly, then we can have our importer send you a headset once we have found what you need. First I need to know if you want helmet mount headset, this would connect to a helmet like Icaro. If you need a helmet, then please give me your head size and I will make a few recommendations. We offer MicroAvionics helmet, Icaro Solax X or Scarab and Plusmax helmets. You mention 3.5mm audio lead for action cam. We can offer a fixed wire or a wire that has a small plug that will disconnect when not in use. You also have the choice of Bluetooth for stereo music and telephone. Any queries, then message me here or eddie@microavionics.co.uk Regards Eddie
  11. Trevor, I've got plenty of PM100 BT headsets! All new of course and you can order from one of our dealers or from our web site with a shiny new Plusmax, Icaro or MicroAvionics helmet. https://www.microavionics.com/paramotor-ssdr-headsets.html Regards Eddie
  12. RocknRotor. Hi, Eddie from MicroAvionics here, we manufacture headsets and helmets. Most people user 2m band or PMR, airband about 10%. If you want to fly into airfields, then you will definitely need airband and must be a latest 833 version (which we sell from £199). We manufacture the MicroAvionics PM100 headset. This allows connection of any radio, and you may want to consider using 2m band for general flying and chit chat, then for those flights that you go through airfields or land at them, you can connect an airband radio to the headset. It is also possible to connect 2 radios at any one time to the PM100. This may be advantageous if you want to speak to the other PPG pilot on 2m band. We also add Bluetooth into the headset for stereo music and telephone if required. The other poster is correct, you 'should' have an operators license for airband, and I would urge you to get this. It's quite easy and can be done in a few evenings training followed by a test (verbal and theory). Most GA airfields can put you in contact with an examiner to sort this. I have to point out that it is illegal to use 2m, PMR in the air as it's not approved as an airband rig. To be legal you would use airband with an operators license and rig licence. However, PPG and PG have been using 2m and PMR for many years and all my friends who fly PPG use 2m. 2m band will give you the best performance. Rough costs for you and available from www.microavionics.com MicroAvionics PM100 headset £269 https://www.microavionics.com/paramotor-ssdr-headsets.html Alinco DJ 500 2m/PMR radio £129 https://www.microavionics.com/paramotor-ssdr-headsets.html Helmet, Plusmax or ICARO around £150 Retail Price List 2019 V1.doc
  13. Hi Scott If upi emailed before Friday, then your email has not arrived, and please send again. From your message we would need to see the radio technical manual, as we have never seen this radio before. Just a comments, why not go for an Icom A6E? Regards Eddie
  14. Hi Eddie from MicroAvionics here. Paramotor headsets need a high quality microphone to try and remove the amount of noise that is created from the paramotor. Most probably the route cause is a low quality microphone. However, if you have electronic noise that is created by the engine, then you would need to fit a resistive spark plug. If I can help any further, then drop me an email at eddie@microavionics.co.uk
  15. Eddie from MicroAvionics here... For radio's the only legal type is a certified airband (like Icom A6E) but you need to take a radio telephony exam first, then you need to pay every few years for a hand held rig license. Most people use 2m or PMR frequencies. So best to buy a radio that covers both bands. We recommend and sell the Alinco DJ500, modified for wideband, so it can use most frequencies. The cost is about £110. You can save money and buy a cheaper Chinese brand radio. I prefer to buy quality Japanese radios, but if you are on a tight budget, then a Chinese radio should do for a while. If you have any further questions, then you can drop me a message or give me a call at our office. 01332 880468 (UK).
  16. I've ordered one the other day. Ask me in 20-30 days and I'll let you know how they are Ed
  17. Just to let you all know. I will be at the Paramotor nationals from Friday 11th (arriving in the evening) for the weekend. If anybody want a demo or flight with our headsets, helmets or strobes, then please feel free to ask. We have a exhibition stand at the show. Regards, Eddie Cartwright MicroAvionics UK Ltd
  18. I thought I'd tell you all about our new paramotor strobe. It's always been a struggle to give a really bright flash from our self contained strobe, we are at a constant battle to try to cram more components into a small strobe to give you a really bright flash. Recently there has been some new components come to the market and these have allowed us to make our strobe three times more powerful. The strobe is definately the brightest strobe for paramotor or microlight in the UK. Some info about strobes, these are general info and maybe not the same through all manufacturers. Some people fit burglar alarm strobes to their paramotor. Any strobe is good for safety, especially in busy airspace and in dusk conditions, where you may easily miss another pilot if they are below the horizon. A typical self contained burglar alarm strobe in from 0.5 to 3 watt. 3 watt is actually quite high compared to the average and you will fins many at the 0.5 watt. The new strobes are pushing over 20 Watt+. Current consumption is still very low at only 600mA. Flash rate is 42 fpm. The strobe can be run from a engine like Corsair and can be connected to the DC volts charging system. Your charging system will be able to power your strobe without discharging your aurcraft battery. For those without power a small 12 volt 1.2 Amp burglar alarm battery can be fitted. Batteries can be purchased from us or DIY centres. If anybody wants a demo of our strobe or headsets, then please see me at the PPG Nationals. I will be there with an exhibition stand from Friday 18th until Sunday (I arrrive Friday evening). Regards, Eddie Cartwright MicroAvionics UK
  19. I have a goldstar headset, it works with my alcino 2 mtr band radio and it works with my icom a2e airband radio with no problems.. i have since made a headset for a friend. i used a pair of ear defenders, a head set from the pound shop( has flexable boom mic). couple of adaptors, 1 3.5 sterio to 3.5 mono and 1 3.5 sterio to 2.5 mono, also 1 switch push to make none locking, this goes in line with the mic + connection. the set works exactly the same as the gold star with louder and clearer audio!! the gold star speakers are naff, I have had to change 1 after 1 hrs use, kept going on and off then off. fitted a pound shop speaker in it. Your correct, The Goldstar will work with A2/ A20. These are a very old airband radio (quite good) and they use the same wiring as other PMR and 2m radios. The problem is for airband radios made after the A2/ A20 stopped production as the wiring changed after these models. However, for airband/ AM frequency, you may need some better screening on the headband, curly and boom. Regards Eddie MicroAvionics UK Ltd
  20. Hi Tom Yes we can supply you with an adaptor for the Iphone. You need the MP003 telephone lead and the Iphone base adaptor MM012. To be quite honest, if you want to play music in stereo from the Iphone, then we will make you a custom lead. There are a few pros and cons about this, so if you want one please call me on 01332 880468. Regards Eddie Cartwright MicroAvionics UK Ltd
  21. I still recomend the Midland G7. Its basic, but tends to work quite well and is the ' standard' pinout connections. PMR radios can only transmitt up to 1/2 or 1/3rd of a watt (forgot the exact amount). The Midland G7 can be made to TX at 3 watt. You just have to open the radio, which is very easy, even for an unskilled person, then cut two wire loops on the circuit board. You then have a very powerful radio compared to other PMR. Just don't use it as it's now been modified outside it's certificated use..... or just use a 2m band radio, they are just as ilegal, as you are not allowed to use them in the air on frequencies that are for other use (military I think). I have a exhibition stand at the PPG nats in 10 days. If anybody wants to try a headset or one of our new high power strobes, then pop over to see me. Regards, Eddie Cartwright MicroAvionics UK Ltd
  22. The Goldstar headset does not work with Airband as airband requires more electronics to work properly. If you want to easily change from PMR/ 2m band to Airband or use both radios as once, then the MA PM100 is the only headset that I know of. I'll be looking into the Kenwood compatibility a little more, as I see one of you say you have made an adaptor. Regards, Eddie Cartwright MicroAvionics UK Ltd
  23. Please note the PM100 paramotor headset can be ordered with helmet mount attachments for Icaro or similar helmets. Regards, Eddie Cartwright MicroAvionics UK Ltd
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