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    Have the NC10 as well for a year now and can agree with all the above. Love it. Light, good bat life, quiet and does everying i need it for. I wont be going back to full size again!
  3. Adventure Airfer Bailey Flat Top Fresh Breeze H&E Kobra Pap Parajet RAD Walkerjet
  4. Hi Lee and welcome, Good to see a post in the somerset branch! Im just training myself with simon( very slowly when time and weather allow!). Get in touch anytime. I live near Wedmore. Happy to meet up sometime and have a chatover a cider!! What is it your flying? Have to talk you out of that!Lol Craig
  5. Count me in too! Assuming the weather plays ball and im actualy in the air by then. But then theres ground crew and would be up for that as well.
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    Yep i will be going again, havent gone for couple of years. My dad had to have 6 pints of blood last month and they said he wouldnt have lasted the night without it. Made me think!!. So ill be giving some back and topping up the bank. Donors are low because of the flu about as well arnt they?
  7. Lots of people drive cars badly and break the law, doesnt mean all drivers are all bad and should be viewed in the same way and tarred with same brush. Anybody or authority that thinks that way would be very nieve indead. And i dont think they are! No point in covering up, theres a bad element in any sport and everbody knows that. But if there ever comes a point when lots of people start to do the same and think its ok then thats when the sport will hit problems. Its up to the mass paramotor community in general to behave in a law abideing and curtious manner. Says me. Ive havent even got off the ground yet!! Just back from pub and prob talking rubbish. But heyho!
  8. Hi, i saw it go over as well on the sunday afternoon and was amazed at how low it was. There was writing on it and at the time i remember thinking i must remember it. But now im not so sure, think it said "the mill" or something simlar to that. My memory is a bit vague for some reason!!
  9. Oh great! Ive just joined this site and thinking about starting lessons and this is one of the first things i look at! lol. Not put me off though. Funny, i watched over and over, glad was ok. I wont bother wearing clean clothes when i start!!
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