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  1. Not my photo but let's see the nicest take off/landing sites you have....
  2. What colour wing do you have? I think i may have seen you flying in the area! Don't spose you've been watching me ground handle from the sky have you? Brill photos btw! Josh. P.S. Should meet up when i am flying which will be very soon!
  3. Ha! As soon as i can fly, i'm sure we can arrange something! Aim is to be flying by the end of the month.
  4. So who was it who teased me today by flying directly over my house in Grayswood, nr Haslemere, Surrey? Had a yellow wing with bits of reds dashed on it....that is all i can recall due to my jealousy overload dominating my brain. Hope your on here somewhere? Should do some flight together when i am finally flying? Cheers, Josh.
  5. Is this because it will damage it in some way? If so, how? Cheers for all the drying methods so far!
  6. So i have been desperately trying to ground handle over the last few days whenever i can in preperation for my first flight, but the weather has been shocking! I did a little session the other day and the ground was still damp from the night before. When i packed my wing away, i noticed it felt damp and so was a bit uneasy about packing it up. Whats the best thing to do in this situation? Any tips on how to dry it without using 10 washing lines? Will it being wet damage the wing? I have left it packed up in the bag for a couple of days now and want to get it back out in the air asap. Cheers in advance, Josh.
  7. Does anyone insure there paramotor kit? If so, how do you go about doing it? Cheers, Josh.
  8. Anyone heard the new Italian version of Paparazzi by Lady Gaga? Brilliant news for anyone owning a Pap Ros. 'I'm your biggest fan, i'll follow you until you love me, Papa, Papa rossi.' Can anyone actually do worse than that?
  9. Was watching Bear Grylls tonight in a hilarious episode of Born Survivors featuring Will Ferrell! What a combination! Anyway, it reminded me of Mission Everest and got me thinking a bit. Does Bear still paramotor and does he do it often? Where abouts would he do it in the UK? Maybe he is a user on here with a hidden profile name? Anyone know anything? Josh.
  10. Try www.last.fm Incredible site letting you listen to absolutely anything.....plus if you like the music your listening to, if gives you a list of reccomended artists and biographys.....i could go on and on. Have fun! Josh.
  11. Advert now not needed. Got all the kit i need! Will be flying soon! Josh.
  12. Looking for a PAP Top80 (preferably over 1250). Good condition, low hours. That is all. Will view any offers. Height: 5'10 Weight: 65-70kgs Leave a message or email: josh.taylor@fsmail.net Cheers!
  13. Thanks for all the answers so far! I think with a bit of practise it will all come as a second nature. Simon: The vid sounds like it would help alot not only for me, but for other beginners! Will be easier to remeber as well as we can 'fakey-launch' whilst watching the video. Cheers again, Josh.
  14. Hello all! A couple of attempts at reverse launches with a friend's wing at the weekend saw me 'jump flying' on my second attempt! As pleased as i was, there was one aspect of the technique that i could not get my head around. 'Placing one hand on one brake and reaching over (or under) for the A risers'....etc etc. Can anyone explain where to put which hands before pulling the wing up, if i were to do a reverse launch and then turn anti-clockwise (to the left) for the run? Maybe you have a rhyme to help? Or just practise with a traditional written method? Or a few detailed step by step pictures? If i can crack this, then it means i can go out into my own field and practise this without the need for someone else to be there! Thanks alot, Josh.
  15. Hi all! Looking for a standard to complete set up (motor, wing, harness) for roughly £2500. I weigh 70kg and am 5"11. Has to be suitable for a complete beginner. (Top 80). The less hours used, the better! Looking for a quality buy! Please reply or PM me. Thanks, Josh.
  16. Ok thanks for the warnings! I will take it all with a pinch of salt untill training has been taken on board. Cheers anyway for making the effort to write! Josh.
  17. Cheers that's all i needed! I can work out that i am just about in the +3500 zone! As for the lessons, i'm awaiting confirmation as we speak! Exciting times! Cheers!
  18. Hi Pete! Sorry to be a pain! I am currently reading Noel Whittall's book on paramotoring and havn't got to the subject of air map reading yet. I find it tricky reading these maps as it is all so new to me. I've only been revising for a week and yet to even see my first wing! In due time, i'm sure i will get plenty of theory training. I thought maybe i could get a quick, short answer telling me what the area means....no need for an explanation as i can work it out using the book. Sorry again, Josh.
  19. Ahh popular! Will send it again in a few minutes. Cheers.
  20. Sorry to bring an old post back up! Just looking at the map! I live in Grayswood....the very bottom centre of the map below Dunsfold literally on the edge! Saw i was just outside the purple line for the restriction. What does this mean? I'm free? Cheers, Josh.
  21. Had a look through the posts but couldnt find anything like my problem. I have sent some emails but do not think that people are recieving them!? In the past, i know others have not got them when asking them through forum posts. In detail, i have written a few emails to SimonW just explaining updates on the fly-in etc etc and not sure if he got them? Anywho, it could just be me being too clingy and SW not having time to reply, but i know he's normally quick at that sort of stuff. Wondering if anyone else has email problems like this? Josh.
  22. Brilliant video! I'm wanting more and more to be strapped in and flying high. I say flying high, no doubt i will end up eating mud on the first few attempts. Hey ho! Again, super vid! Here's to 2009. Josh.
  23. josh_taylor

    JUNE Fly-in.

    SimonW +1 Bathboy (Sunday only) Outkast Frazer (possibly) Pete b Mike (plus 1) Dragonphotographic (subject to boss!) Irm750 Fast Eddie (Plus 1) Togsie (all on his own Crying or Very sad ) Slim + 2-3 Paul + kay Laughing Peirs Dent. Eddie1 +1 Dan + 3 (hope to bring the kids) Pascal Learner Driver (simon f). Keith G Weesplat Colin 1 Maybe Norman... (Norman edited). Whitters (maybe both, but deffo Sunday) Dan Burton Malcs + 1 RAF Colin. + 1.5 Doug Josh Taylor (if i can find transport that is more reliable than my classic Mini )
  24. Done! If it doesn't work, then i'll try again tomorow when the settings are all in place. JT.
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