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  1. It's taken a little while to get this pic for one reason or another but recently Colin and I were given the pleasure of handing over all of your donations to the MD for the Felix Fund Charity that many of you donated to at the September fly-in As I hope most of you can remember, our last event at Eckington (which I personally felt was the best one yet ! ) was not only an excuse to get together, do some flying, and drink and eat too much. We managed to balance that out in the Ying Yang sense by raising a massive £1700 for the Felix Fund! Almost everyday bomb disposal and search personnel deal with highly pressured situations. This continued exposure to intense stress can have lasting effects, both physical and mental. Felix Fund aims to assist with the well-being of individuals within the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) and Search Community across all British military. This (short year) with only two events, the Paramotor Club has raised £2360 for charity!! A Special thanks to all the VIP members that attended those events and the event set up crew, and the people from Eckington that came to the fireworks display and donated!!. You are all awesome and have the right to take some pride away with you I look forward to more event's and more fundraising for charities with an amazing group of people! SW
  2. I can vouch for this as being exactly as it says on the tin. It's the MY20 version with the newer gearbox. SW
  3. For those that missed it SW
  4. Thanks for all the thanks guys! It's great to see that everyone enjoyed the event! (Even the locals, which is rare!) i'm certain we will be going back to that location SW
  5. Brilliant! this is the kind of thing that adds valuable content to the PMC Cheers to Paul for asking and Mark for answering
  6. I have shiny new ones if you get stuck... Or a full shiny new Rebel 2 frame which may also be of interest. Im sure someone will have an old set kicking about though. Welcome to the Paramotor Club! SW
  7. until

    Hi Tony, Your membership has expired, (please renew it before the weekend as you can't join at the event) Once thats done, you will be able to RSVP for the event Best to use a desktop at the moment as the software is being twatty with phones. Any dramas, let me know BEFORE the weekend SW
  8. The paramotor sector in the UK has been growing annually for the last 15 years. I think unluckily you live in a part of the UK where there are little to no flying schools. Up here, I have 3 schools all within a 10 min drive of my house. A similar story can be told for the Northampton area and so on... I have also never had an issue finding a friendly farmer to either fly from myself or hold an event. I think you may have a slightly darkened view of the bigger situation. The Guys at Davidstow are full (it's that simple) waiting lists for airfield use is very common. SW
  9. until

    Brilliant! lol SW
  10. They are not difficult to learn at all It's a bit tricky at the start of learning but soon becomes natural. I actually would compare it to learning to ride a bike it just takes a little longer. SW
  11. The Sunday for me was the Sea Breeze and sunshine that I had been dreaming of! Super silky smooth air and fantastic views. Cool vid as always Lee. SW
  12. Hi and welcome to the Paramotor Club. Assuming you are getting some training (which of course would be highly recommended) It would be better to wait until you can fly to make your decision about kit. The 400 hours comment.... I think this is too low. On top of that 2 stroke engines are super simple and relatively inexpensive to rebuild. I would factor out the hours info you have been given. Not sure about the second hand market in the States but in the UK and surrounding countries there is a strong second hand market. New is always better if you can afford it of course. Factor in the after sales support and look for a dealer / manufacturer who has a good reputation. They will all be your friend when your buying it!! Again welcome to the Paramotor Club! SW
  13. Welcome to the area there are a good number of pilots in your area Have you checked out the members map? You can add your details to it and contact others in your area. https://www.paramotorclub.org/communitymap/ SW
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