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    I can vouch for both the seller and the wing SW
  1. We have an ATOM 80 in a Mav you can demo if you are close enough SW
  2. Hi Patrick, and welcome to the Paramotor Club We are your closest Paramotor School if you want to get in touch. https://www.paramotortraining.com or 07983 428 45three SW
  3. It gives me a great amount of pleasure to be able to say that on Monday, a person was arrested and had all of there digital devices seized by the Cyber Crime unit This is of course in relation to the E-mails that were sent from my PMC account, the cancelled subscriptions, and so on.. That person now has the pleasure of a lovely long wait on bail (with restrictions ) until they have searched ALL of those devices. The current expected lead time for this is 6-9 months. So 6-9 months of not knowing what's going to happen and being on bail, to me sounds like a perfect result already! #
  4. I don't know the ins and outs fully, but I do remember a production company trying for about a month to get us permission to fly for some filming work with no joy. (we ended up with a crapy set of shots from our drone) SW
  5. All, just so you know... I am working on the missing 'log in' for mobile devices. The site works amazing well on the phones and ipads now but you just can't log in lolol On it! for now you can click this link to get you to the same place https://www.paramotorclub.org/login/ SW
  6. Regarding new plugs not working... When we were into drag racing, we would buy our plugs by the pack of 50. It would not be uncommon for 5 (or so) of them to fail after the first few second in an engine. You DEFFO can have a dead, new plug. (thats one of the reasons that when you buy a Vitto engine you will notice that the plug has already been used for the factory test run. the same one is left in because it's known to be a working one SW
  7. Hi all, This is just an advanced notice to let you know that there will be a compatibility issue on or shortly after the 28th of October. It will effect those who have joined via facebook and use their profile pictures here also. Facebook are changing the way this happens slightly and it will not initially be compatible with the software we use. The end result will be that your profile picture MAY get replaced with a generic outline image. Once the code had been changed the software guys will be working on the fix which may take a day, or a week... and so on.. The profi
  8. What makes you use that calculation? Would you 'not' use Aspen in a 4 stroke then? If not, why bother using it in the 2 stroke? SW
  9. Have you used the DJI in the air yet mate? I also have one and it fails to impress when in any kind of airflow. SW
  10. Yes mate, but your membership is still active at the moment so no need to renew yet SW
  11. Yes, but you still have an active membership. You will loose the VIP logo when it expires. SW
  12. Our main income as a club is the Full memberships people take out Which also then gives you the option to remove the banners. SW
  13. Locally (ish) you have Clive Mason (CM Paramotors) @CMParamotors SW
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