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  1. Chilling out after a long weekend of awesome fun :-) It was so great to see so many of you at the bore chasers!! It made it the party that it was! :-) 


  2. Hi Llewellyn, 

    You are posting messages as 'reviews' to I can not reply to them. 

    You do not need a rating or insurance for this event (but it will be our last one like this) 

    You will have to sign a landowner and event organiser disclaimer as you come in :-) 

    Hopefully see you there! 

    SW :D

  3. Happy to now be able to take all credit and debit cards for Paramotor Training, Paramotors, wings and accessories :-) 

  4. Full address for the 2016 summer fly-in :-) 

    Valley Farm
    Kings Lynn
    PE31 6DW.

  5. Andre, give me a buzz mate :-) 

    SW :D

  6. Status test, East to west instructor profile. 

    SW :D

  7. Testing status update from pmc on @Hullaeroparamotorclub Status page to Facebook. 

  8. Great evening on the airfield :-):-) A short and sweet first flight, with a great take off and a stand up landing! :-) ( I wont steal the thunder by naming.... Then there was enough time left to take him up in KENI the heli for a sunset flight. :) IMG_3724.jpg

    1. cas_whitmore


      Well done , and bonus flight in Keni not bad" 

    2. admin (Simon W)
  9. Second PMC to Facebook status test. Can anyone on FB see this? :-) 


    1. taffarnold


      not seen. Could you publish the correct FB page link - I am not convinced I am looking at the right thing


    2. admin (Simon W)

      admin (Simon W)

      It's all good mate :-) I removed the post (from my personal FB page) after the first person replied with a yes!! :-) 

      Members can now link there FB accounts to the PMC so that any status update you post here will appear on your FB page as well :-) Information and directions to follow soon. 

      SW :D

  10. Looks like it's a Go Go Go for tomorrow :-) Early flight in KENI for me before whats going to be a great day! 

  11. Just so you know.. Also on the edit profile page, you can add a signature. If you go as if to edit your about me page, and scroll down, you will see that there is an identical box for your signature (which will appear at the bottom of any of your forum posts. :-) 

    SW :D

    1. easttowestyorkshireparamot


      Awesome. I'll have another bash tomorrow. Just packing the van for tomorrow's jobs now 


  12. It was brilliant to get a visit from @pete_b who drove himself here !! :-) 

    1. cas_whitmore


      That's great news Simon . Might see him at the field one day soon .

      cas . 

    2. Hullaeroparamotorclub


      Nice one Pete pardon the pun but, well on the road to recovery 

  13. Brill pics chap! :-) Thanks for sharing! 

    SW :D

  14. Still sussing out settings on the new PMC site. :-) With any luck, this status update will post on my facebook page (even though I am posting it on the PMC site) fingers crossed and here goes!! 

  15. Huge thanks to those who have upgraded to a full membership since the new site went live!


  16. 91 people on the Members Map already! :-) brilliant, thanks all who have. 

    1. Neilzy


      Simon did see it somewhere but can't find what are the different colours for on map i remember it was members instructors etc but couldn't find which 

    2. admin (Simon W)

      admin (Simon W)

      Blue is Non Paid members

      Red is Paid members

      A green house is you. 

      SW :D

  17. Cool thing about the member map. You can see who is getting rained on! lolol ;)

    My wife has just got back from where you live. She has family there. 

    Its very rare indeed but next time I visit I will make sure to give you a nod for a beer. 

    SW :D

    1. JamieG


      Nice one Simon, yes, bring your gear and I can give you a tour of Pembrokeshire. :P


  18. Check out @tatumdale and his new training blog in the new blogs area! :-) well happy 

  19. On the airfield with the hope of getting some new students started with the mini wings. Wind is stronger than forecast so top end even for the 12 meter wings.

    1. andre_74


      Thought the winds looked feisty. ? Looks half decent for tomorrow though, so fingers crossed. ?

  20. So I wonder who is going to be the first person to start a training blog in the Blogs section! ??? :-)


  21. Trying to work out the status updates so thought I would tell you that the Member map now has some Weather layers. :-):-) Airspace 'from NATS' soon! 

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