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    My last flight before returning to the UK tomorrow. On the beach 26 deg, at 5500 feet - warmer! This was the first time I have made it over the top of Reales mountain. Because it is a stand-alone mountain, whichever way the wind blows it is very turbulent around most of the mountain! Today, 7 mph, blowing with me as I climbed. I followed the the largest ridge on the way up, gaining lots of extra lift. Above the top, engine off and just kept climbing. The mountain is 4800 and I was taken up to 5500 by it. Took 25 minutes of engine off back to the beach, where I was still at 2100 feet. Two photos on the way up and 3 from the top.
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    Latest data of the geographical location of people who have visited the Paramotor Club in the last 7 days. SW
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    That looks brilliant!. Can't imagine doing that but working towards it! Regards Nige
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    I have had 5 spinal fusions and 2 discectomies (3 emergencies to relieve paralasys). I am fused from thoracic to pelvis and have a 30 degree froward bend. I now cannot walk more than a few meters unaided. I still foot launch because it is fun and more convenient than trying to get a trike out.
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    The photos and scenery look amazing Andy. Looks like an amazing adventure 😀
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    Thank you, Simon. Drove up to New Hampshire again this weekend. There are great people up at Morningside. Not so much great weather, though. Two days there and only about 2 hours of kiting. With winter coming quickly, I think I'll be starting over in the spring. So THAT's why they call it parawaiting.
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    I just insured with Axa last week. No checks.
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    Hi Andy, I know how you feel, I too have experienced death of a friend in the sport first hand, I know the importance of good training. I won't go into detail about Brad's training syllabus and techniques as we have discussed this before, I think you should meet him before you make assumptions from a collective of comments from other people. People pass their driving test and wrap their car round a tree, this does not make it the instructors fault. I am with AXA 3rd party cover, there are no checks. Rich.
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