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  1. I think you`d be better off with a trailer. This is my rig for when i take the pitbike to bike doo`s so we can razz it round the field after a few beers! You could easily make a trailer to hold a paramotor, and when loaded up i bet it`s still quite a bit lighter than mine with bike + camping gear on it, you can certailnly tell you`ve got a trailer on with all that behind you, although once up to speed monowheel trailers are remamrkably stable. ps my wife used to think i was bonkers too, but she`s used to it now.
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  2. Flight 5 Happened today! Blew one launch, My instructor was watching this time and immediately indicated that I was pulling the A risers rather than just running with them up... collapsing the front of the wing before it could get up. That explains all the blown launches recently. 2nd time was better... reverse launch into about 6mph wind. Straight up. Struggled to get in the seat... so got some altitude then stowed the brakes and dragged the seat forward under me. Pootled around for a bit, enjoying the view. Did some experimenting with varying levels of power (my setup seems to turn right all the time. Even with no throttle, there is a slight right turn that gets progressively worse with power.) Tried a few sharp turns, then eventually came back in for a landing. Not good. All was good until it came to the flair... left brake slipped out of my fingers... Ended in a rough bum slide after my legs acted like shock absorbers. Not pretty at all, but thankfully, no damage that i noticed. Ill give it a proper check over during to week to make sure.
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  3. Hi all, I know that the main difference between the moster MY20 and MY19 is the exhaust system. My question is, can I fit a MY20 exhaust on a MY19 moster? Hanz
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  4. Yes you can. If you buy new from vitto it comes with the new bracket and all the fittings to fit straight on an MY19.
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  5. There was only one thing to do that weekend...
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