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    After some shenanigans on day 4, the sun came out on day 5 for some great flying.
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    My balls ache i have scratched them too much ☹️ and i'm almost bald so pulling my hair out is over, the Pheonix runs lovely for approx 2 minutes then smokes like ferk, tried different carb No difference and completely stripped engine down and done crankcase reseal, replaced carb gaskets and a few pipes, But whatever i do it still smokes and forgot i even cleaned out all petrol and started fresh incase i had mixed wrong 😉. and i have 2 sets of barrel and pistons and get exactly the same smoke problem whatever set-up or cinfiguration i run Arrrgggghhhhh😥 So now i have given in and now gone over to the dark side and bought a new engine to fit into my frame, pictures to follow later
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    Hmm.. always get confused with cloud types... er.. is this flyable or not ? 😛 https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/gallery/2019/dec/10/scientific-phenomena-photographs-of-the-year-in-pictures-royal-society-publishing#img-10
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    I was in Estepona in, oh 1983 with family. That was last time I was in Ronda. If was nice to go back after all these years and see it - from ground and air (video to come) as I remember going there aged 12 and seeing the bridge and bullring (and if I'm honest the only other thing I remember is playing mach iii in the arcade for the first time with 2ps* and thinking it was awesome) *after first trip to spain my sister and I were probably one of 1000s who realised that 2ps were exactly the same size as 25 peseta coins... every year after that we went on holiday to spain armed with at least 100 2ps for the arcades !
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1D1vR1NMVHI more in a few days
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    Yes, Sky School use it in UK, Spain, Italy and UAE. APPI also have approved instructors all over the world.
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    Thanks a lot for the fast response. Always a pleasure to be here.

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