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    Everyone is dying to get out in the sunshine to play with their toys but it's just not on, it's very bad for the sport if you are seen flaunting the rules now. Exercise is going for a walk/run/cycle from your front door, most people can do this without injury. Sister-in-law is a front line nurse doing night shifts, she's ringing us every day and it's incredibly grim, way worse than on the news. She would cut off your balls with a rusty knife if you went in to her hospital with a broken ankle after going for a quick fly while everyone else manages to stay at home.
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    You could easily spend the same amount of money repairing your kit after you bin it as you would paying an instructor to tell you all the pit falls before you start.
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    My personal opinion is, for the work we do and the equipment we need the price we charge is pretty reasonable, many people would probably think that sitting in a cockpit of a 747 on autopilot is not very demanding so your getting paid a hell of a lot for take off and landings, now if you had to buy several 747s letting your passengers fly it and replace them every other year then your wage is well deserved For some instructors this is a full time job and as you can imagine there's not that many nice days in the UK but bills need to be paid and food needs to be on the table As I said I think it's a reasonable price
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    I'm 57 and definitely knackered....that must past as codgey.
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    Well think I have past it and I'm 67. (No not 'am past it..')
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    Thanks My Android is working perfect thanks
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    Hi Looking to fulfil longstanding dream to paramotor Absolutely no previous experience in either ppg or paragliding and looking for training in the Merseyside area, training body not vital Is there anyone providing tuition around this area? I'm based near Ormskirk but able to travel readily Any views greatly appreciated Cheers Kona
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    Hi Grumble56 Thanks for taking the time to reply - appreciated I'll take a look at the suggestion and whist a bit of a hike may be an answer Cheers Kona
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    nice blog Rich yet again, nice days flying and sessions learned a few f... ups by all i think that day cant wait for the next time
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    Welcome back Dan and well said. My wife's a nurse too, not front line, but still doing her bit. I think if I mention to her I was going flying - she would put sugar in my tank.
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    Hi, I'm Gerry, never posted before but been a member for a couple of years. I'm interested to know what members think of the prices flying schools charge? When you look at what they include as part of the training. Do you think there is a hell of a lot of unnecessary, total waste of time, and what I would call padding thrown in to justify the prices they charge? I've been in aviation as a commercial 747 pilot for more years than I care to remember, I taught myself to fly a PPG. " OH my god " some might say.... You know, everything in life is just someone's opinion. I digress, back to the prices, you know there must be thousands of guys who'd love to fly. I'm thinking of the guy on an average wage. This is what paramotoring is all about, allowing the average guy to make his dream come true and get in the air. I've read a lot about American schools and instructors only thinking about the bottom line, believe me, it's happening in the UK too. I know a lot of PPG pilots who have taught themselves, who didn't have any aviation experience that I had, yet they are dam good pilots. I'm not saying don't have good training, quite the opposite, just don't pay for added on garbage that won't help you one bit. Talk to experienced pilots who've flown for years, the only difference between them and instructors is how you talk to people. The instructors know no more than an experienced pilot with years of flying hours behind him as regards flying safely. Onwards and Upwards, if I can get it off the ground..... -:)
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