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  1. Hi Chaps I'm Dave and a pilot of a few years just arrived in Blighty from Germany and looking to get in some hours. I'm based near Oxford so fairly close and hope it will be possible to join you in the near future for some flying. I'm flying a Parajet V3/Moster 185 on a BGD Wasp wing, stable but like me a bit slow. Please let me know if you plan to get together for some aerial antics, I'm mostly looking to get in some longer non aero type flights. All the best Dave
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  2. It sounds as if the carburettor throttle butterfly is too far open. The idle adjustment screw sets the position of the buttrerfly when the hand thottle is released hence the idle rpm, adjustment anti clockwise reduces the rpm at idle. Of course the issue could be something else; is something stopping the butterfly closing onto the idle adjustment screw? Less likely, check for an air leak between the carburettor and engine, a lean mixture can cause increased rpm although I would expect the engine to be difficult to start. As the problem appeared following the pull start replacement, a check of anything that may have been disturbed during that would be a good place to start.
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