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  1. thank you Hann for posting your video...adventures like this, are to me, the reason why ppg is the realization of the stuff of dreams...
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  2. I got up early today to take advantage of the promising looking weather. Arrived at the field just before sun up; Once aloft i settled in for a long XC - i didn`t really know which direction i was heading for as the WX forecasts had the wind direction from all over the shop and changing hourly due to a pressure centre right over my flying area. Once flying i was able to get a handle on the conditions and decided for my `Circa Soton` route which takes me all around Southampton CTR. The wind was about 6mph and north easterly at this point. If the forecasts were correct i`d ha
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  3. I reckon it's fair to say if you are the sort of guy that has no power tools, gets their dad/father in law/paid handyman in to fit a shelf, doesn't fix their own lawnmower, struggles to change a wheel, then paramotoring is probably not for you. None of it's rocket science of course, but if you are not the sort of person that kinda just bodges through, learns new skills, etc - expects it to be like owning a Lexus - yer probably gonna be disappointed - these are high output engines made by little companies. stuff goes wrong, needs adjusting, etc. So if yer the much in sort of guys, t
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  4. Once you're trained, come fly with us at fly-ins (when they resume) and other regular gatherings. We're all keen to share our experiences and help each other out. You'll solve a lot of issues and learn a lot of stuff by hanging out with experienced pilots.
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