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    I have just been up the airfield and it was bloody lovely. I was just walking the dog, but looking up and checking out the wind Back of my mind is staying - what is the different - walking the dog on the airfield, which I am aloud to do or flying 2000 feet in the air, which I am not aloud to do at a licensed airfield. I am not going to, because of accidents etc and the main reason, my wife being a nurse working all the hours of the day, with me sitting at home.
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    I despair reading this! I'm the last person to be a goody goody, but it's painfully obvious this isn't right. Yes you can fly without going near a soul, you won't inconvenience anyone, take a hospital bed or put anyone at risk... but you'll piss off everyone else who does adhere to the guidelines. The dog walker mentioned above is just a indication of the balance of opinion against you and therefore us.
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    To be honest I am surprised there hasn't been a notam issued. All the smaller aerodromes have been shut apart from essential and emergency services. I have been wrestling with this question for the last few days, I am desperate to have a nice flight but the waves of hate and derision that would be generated by non flyers seeing PPG is really not worth it. Joe public will get pissed off once the restrictions are lifted and every pilot takes to the skies, but at least they won't be able to call us all dickheads then.
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    Hello Simon, Thanks for the reply. You make some very good points. I am located just outside of Indianapolis, IN so very flat land at essentially 800' MSL. Being able to test fly various wings would be a great benefit and it may be possible but those logistics are still being sorted. I am 99% convinced that the 28 meter is the way to go for me including the reasons you cited as well. My skills & desire are more suited to the 28 meter and I just find it difficult to go against the grain of my instructional training and the manufacturer's specifications. I intend to continue flying the Mojo for at least a few more months and until the weather turns better over here. It's a very good wing for the intended purpose. I have never felt unsafe when flying it. Yes, it's quite the school bus when it comes to speed & maneuverability but that's the nature of the beast. It still has good qualities and plenty for me to learn on. Not to mention, from everything I have heard about it as compared to let's say a Roadster/Spyder 3 or the Universal 1.1, if I can consistently nail my takeoffs, especially in Nil wind, with the Mojo, the other wings will be much easier. Either way I see it as great practice and experience. Thanks again. Nick
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