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    Skyschool are great. Excellent instructors and the APPI course is aimed to leave you confident to fly on your own. One thing people seem to forget about the training courses is that APPI requires 15 powered flights before you can pass your pilot course. The BHPA Club Pilot qualification only needs 5 flights (I think, maybe someone can reply?) as it is intended that you then go and fly in a club. So when people are taking the micky out of foreign training and saying that trainees come back and need more training....well in many cases that is because they have not done 15 flights yet!!!!! I trained with Skyschool over 2 one week periods and have flown with them twice since then on their adventures. Really great bunch.
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    In an attempt to sound knowledgeable and smart I'll answer "Yes". In reality it was more because of weight and practicality. But it does seem like the fuel tank and EOS geometry might not play nice. Yes, the actual implementation seems pretty straightforward. I might end up going this route. I'll make sure to test fly the Miniplane ABM first though.
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