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    I was in exactly the same school with regards to tiny bits of plastic flapping like caught tiddlers in the net until I read your post. How can such flexible, loosely fixed items work against the power of torque? Logic and instinct says they can't but your post-cynical conclusion is very persuasive. My Wasp with EOS150, plus my immense bulk" doesn't give me any torque problems but if ever I manage to lose the flab perhaps I'll be sending off for a pack?
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    Hi there everyone and thank you first off for this great website.. Im looking for introduction training to paramotor, Im living in Newcastle upon tyne and dont seem to find many people around my area so initially Im looking for anyone who is from near by who would be willing to give me some ground training I dont mind paying for this.. I would also be looking to hire a wing for ground training if anyone can assist.. I was going to do my training in a few weeks time in school in Lincoln but if anyone knows of anywhere nearer to me that are good and can get me up to solo flight I would be very grateful for the info
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    Judging by the rapid rate that the fly-ins fill up and that not everyone will go due to location or other commitments, I would hazard a guess at around 1000.
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