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  1. I have been having problems with my Solo 210 with Tillotson carb. It starts and idles beautifully and revs up to about 4000rpm but then dies as I try for full throttle. I think the problem could be the fuel line and maybe primer bulb, so I thought I'd remove the primer bulb so I know that's not the problem. So I replaced the fuel line and filter and took the primer bulb out thinking that I could prime it by blowing into the breather tube. But as hard as I blow I can't get any fuel to even start going up the fuel line let alone get it up to the carb. Does anybody know if I can get around thi
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  2. I believe the ''so much hype" came from the US Aviator - they are nice guys good in marketing, have huge costumers and speak English. But once they decided to change to Parajets...Tornado hype diminished rapidly. I fly Nitro directly bought with a visit to the Polish factory at Rokitno (Rokitno 2, 05-870), I spent some time there and I saw those guys are serious about production, but marketing is another issue, especially when they sell mainly with a French company Air Conception...and it is not about English language marketing neither here in Poland nor in France. Knowing the Nitro
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