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    This year we have chosen Cheltenham Spa as our location for the RDA, PMC main summer event. It honestly is an amazing venue! Of course there will be Fireworks, Music, A selection of food vendors, 24-hour fire pit, and 24-hour licensed security. (more to come ) What's this RDA thing??? This year, the PMC has chosen to support the RDA (Riding for Disabled) which is a super cool national charity who provide therapy through horse contact. RDA research shows that riders experience significant positive change in their capacities for communication, confidence, enjoyment, relating, physical improvement and learning horsemanship. Because this event is a Charity event, please note the slightly different pricing structure below. Full PMC members £10 in the charity pot (pretty please) Not a full PMC member and flying? £30 (or click > and join as a full member before the event for £30 and enjoy 3 fly-ins a year FOC!) Non Flying guest, partner £25 Children under 16 £0 Tandem flights will be available (please PM well in advance if your keen) There will be Fireworks! Big ones provided by fireworksshow.co.uk Food, we have: Vegetarian and meat wraps van, pizza van, and a burger van. : Of course there will be a 'heated' bar, and the fire pit (you do NOT need to bring logs this time!! ) As always we will have the impossible to replicate, amazing PMC 'vibe' which is created by the awesome people that attend! To quote the very first PMC t-shirt, It's the Pilots that make the Party! (free pint for anyone that turns up that still has one of these!!) lol More info to follow, 200 pilots max so please ensure you RSVP (log in and use the green button at the top of the page that says GOING ) As always, we hope to see you there!!! PM or post a message if you have any questions.
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    I don't use Facebook. Actually, after hearing of the way FB sells your personal info, I don't want to now. BUT.... I can't find any other way to find out when people in my area will be meeting to fly and where. (South Florida) I went to belle Glade last weekend hoping to meet a few guys there but no one ever showed up. Does anyone know of a place other than FB where people talk about weekend flight get togethers in South Florida? Thanks
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    Seconded for the reliability of a 4 stroke machine, that said my stator coil decided to pack in, fortunately whilst on the ground. Most machines are 2 stroke as you probably know, the top 80/miniplane has a good reputation.
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    Its a good solid dream and one most of us have but one that is seldom realised which is a shame. Despite that I fly a machine that could do that (an old Baileys), Its heavy and I am getting old Getting back into the air the following day is not a given and I may be stuck. You look a good deal younger than me so you my find taking off in nil winds a snap I tend to hear nothing but good things about the top 80... I have never owned one but I would be surprised if you didn't need to carry some extra fuel to get 124 miles in still air (4 to 5 hours flight time at a guess) Gear tends to be quite expensive but bargains can be had if you are patient , carful and know what you are looking for.
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    Hi jakal thanks for the info...just seen one same has yours on eBay for £700
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