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    Yeah I think if the wind were in the right direction it would be fine, but of course I have to assume it's perfect when I take off, and then it swings round by 90 degrees. Hey, this might be the perfect sport for me - where assuming the worst will always happen actually makes sense and is helpful!
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    Done before, but neat looking this time. Glad the noise issues have been solved ........ Richard
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    The more I look at helmets the more inclined I am to get something that doesn't have anything stuck on the outside. It's not just the snagging risk but also the potential effect on head protection (as mentioned in another post). I guess the Sena 10R units are very low profile and unlikely to snag or penetrate the helmet, but my ideal remains something with no external stuff stuck on. I guess a proper set of headsets would be fine.
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    If you look up and left, be careful that you do not hook yourself to your netting and then have to fly looking up and left, it will make it hard to land.

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