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  2. Anyone have experience with this wing? Is it a good value? Is it truly more fun / sportier than an average A wing, like the marketing says? My school prefers we train on this wing, and I'm trying to due my due diligence before I buy one.
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  4. richjones

    Ok here goes...!

    How long since my last flight???! Bloody weather! got in flight 11 this evening. Flying from Marston airfield my first totally unassisted takeoff, flight and landing. Up until now I’ve at least had a thumbs up to take off. A lovely if somewhat hazy flight totally off the brakes for 90 minutes. A bit of Facebook live, a quick video call to my granddaughter and a circuit around Rothwell where a mate came out of his house to take a photo 😁 Today’s lesson - don’t take off with one of your trimmers fully out it makes a hard run and a confusing couple of minutes working out why I’m going in circles ! And as I hadn’t used the trimmers yet it was a challenge getting it right again. In zero wind I landed forwards onto my knees but not heavily have to check my tuning as I used 9 litres of fuel! I was changing my altitude a lot because I got a new altimeter so I now know what I’m doing so maybe that’s a bit of it but the plug is quite black too. loving this sport... not loving weather watching and waiting
  5. Thanks for the suggestions!
  6. I'm not aware of any but I'm sure there'd be something on Facebook. That place seems to have something for just about anything. I also recall seeing somebody after gear on Reddit a couple of weeks back but where I'm not sure. Sorry can't be of more help.
  7. Well I feel a bit silly as I browse your site more, it appears it is all for the UK. If you have any friends in the US, we'd appreciate the share. Does anyone here know of the best US forum to post by chance? There doesn't seem to be one as nice as yours. Much thanks.
  8. andyy

    Airband Radio in UK

    Definitely. The more I can do to understand and help other people I share airspace with I am up for and in my area there is a lot of heli traffic. Also one of the airfields has started to have jets coming and going
  9. Jay Henwood

    Any recommendations?

    Hi, thanks for that. I’m in Tintagel, so really close to Davidstow once I am up and running. Going to arrange to meet some local guys up there soon for a chat. Jay.
  10. Hi guys, I am listing this for my father in law: Complete paramotor kit (for seat or lowboy flying). With the exception of the lowboy, all other components are like new and have barely been used. Only flew 2 times as a foot launch. Only 2 tanks of gas ran trough. 3.3 total hours are on the motor. The foot launch and motor was purchased in mid-2016 from http://blackhawkparamotor.com/ and the used quad was added from Blackhawk Paramotor about 1 year later. Everything always garage stored. Everything works perfectly. One repair on wing preformed by Blue Sky out of CA. To buy everything new it would cost over $13,500. Save thousands on this full kit today. Buyer picks up or arranges shipping from Sloan, Iowa (ZIP code 51055). __________________________________________________________________ Imgur photo album here: https://imgur.com/a/WU2dNpA Package includes all the items you see in the pictures and listed below: Engine: AirMax 220 Electric start RPM gauge Temp gauge Read more about the Airmax 220 here: http://blackhawkparamotor.com/paramotors/blackhawk-airmax-220-paramotor/ Watch a startup video here: https://youtu.be/mZhhFKfKoXc LowBoy II with Rhino cage (used by Blackhawk Paramotoring USA) Spare rear Axles A-Assist bars Kestrel Cage Seat and harness J bars weight shift bars Edge 30 Wing 1 repair preformed by Blue Sky Kiting harness (home made) Reserve Chute Size XXL Powered Paragliding Bible Various Accessories and Covers as pictured Contact ( jefferysummerfield att gmail d0t c0m ) or call seven1two 42O nine73eight. Thank you!
  11. Alex Huxham

    Icarus X

    One of the best events and things I've done, and also one of the saddest events to have participated in. Condolences to the pilots friends and family.
  12. I have an issue with starter motor on volition 2 . Assumed it was a bendix arm , removed the motor and not really knowing how the bed I'd works became confused . I found that when the motor had power applied it simply spun without push using the cog forward to engage onto the mails prop cog . Is worth getting this fixed or buying a new motor?
  13. Charliefinchett2000

    *WANTED* Motor and beginner wing

    Looking for a EN A/low B wing aswell as a lightweight motor. Just finished training. Looking at top 80/ EOS 100, but open to anything. I weigh 65kg. Low hours preferable. *student budget!*
  14. noddyc

    EOS 150

    Thank Scott Spoke to Robert
  15. Just a heads up guys and gals...2m / 144 MHz is being proposed as a new aeronautical band in a 'land-grab' proposal from the French. At the last sitting the proposal was 'unopposed' in any significant manner by anyone. Obviously we as amateurs are up in arms - but if you're considering using it you ought to be aware. 144 and 1240 MHz on WRC-19 Special Focus pageThe RSGB WRC-19 Special Focus page has been updated with information concerning the background for WRC-19 and the latest on concerns regarding WRC-23 proposals for 144 and 1240 MHz bands RSGB WRC-19 Special Focus page https://rsgb.org/main/news/special-focus/wrc-19/
  16. Mark Pugh

    Airband Radio in UK

    Hi andyy, it is the next step to being "professional"; I fly in the UK and we are remarkably unregulated in our hobby, this will not last forever. I see at least an airlaw exam having to be sat and maybe compulsory insurance in the near future. I try to stay as legal as possible, I took my rating through BHPA school, so have basic insurance, always fly with a large reserve, now carry airband radio, try to fly at 500 feet and 1000 feet over villages and towns and obviously stay away from airspace. But several of my launches are grass strips and even farmers like to see some insurance in place before giving the go-ahead. The more "professional" we can become, the less likely we will become over regulated in the future.
  17. admin (Simon W)

    Any recommendations?

    Hi Jay, and welcome to the Paramotor Club. When we are teaching people from further afield, they tend to have 2-3 days, then get a wing to practice with at home... then come back again and so on.... If we are clever about the weather we can get it done in 3-4 visits so not completely the end of the world. You could also look at doing a course overseas but you will most likely require some further training when back to the UK still. Where in Cornwall are you? SW
  18. admin (Simon W)

    Incredibly sad news.

    This is a super sad bit of news that non of us ever want to read. I hope his friends and family can find some condolence in the knowledge that he was doing what he loved. SW.
  19. DavidG4

    Incredibly sad news.

    Anymore news on this? But speculation perhaps, but circumstances?
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  21. DavidG4

    Beginner wing that's worth keeping.

    Well thats fair enough. I know from experience what you mean 😊
  22. Just discovered that Cornwall isn’t the place to be if you want to learn to fly! So with my location in mind does anyone have a recommendation?
  23. Tim Vandekerckhove

    Beginner wing that's worth keeping.

    Hi, No, it's the standard wing they push on all the new students. Feels like they want to cash 2 times, when after a few flights you want something more agile. (And them they push the niviuk link). The thing is, in belgium every shop is a school aswell. You don't have any 'standalone' shops. So every school has it's own selection of brands. Locally almost everybody has a flyproducts ppg with a niviuk link and a sting in the bag😂. They talk down other brands. I'm not offended by the suggestion, I don't overestimate my own competence. Just don't have the cash to step in their 'system.
  24. John Pavitt

    A new item has been listed.Ozone Spyder 28

    Do you still have this available ??
  25. View Advert Pap PA125 Medium Harness 18 months old - £3,500. I am selling my 18 month old Pap. I’m buying a new Pap but I want a bigger motor. Excellent condition and just serviced by Daniel Kettle, Pap dealer. New exhaust just fitted after 30 hours. No hard landings or crashes experienced Roy 07595 219766 roy@roybackhouse.co.uk Advertiser Roy Backhouse Date 23/06/19 Price £3,500.00 Category Paramotors  
  26. Time Left: 12 days and 14 hours

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    I am selling my 18 month old Pap. I’m buying a new Pap but I want a bigger motor. Excellent condition and just serviced by Daniel Kettle, Pap dealer. New exhaust just fitted after 30 hours. No hard landings or crashes experienced Roy 07595 219766 roy@roybackhouse.co.uk


  27. Scott Harcourt

    EOS 150

    Hi mate. Robert Ferrero is a main dealer for EOS, a sound guy. https://wasppg.com/
  28. noddyc

    EOS 150

    I have one of the first generation eos150's. My temp running is between 228-234 degrees under the spark plug, 545 degrees exhaust temperature. I have to be carefully on the throttle or my cylinder head climb to over 250 degrees very easy while my egt stays fairly stable. Spark plug is light black I use around 6 liter an hour trims out. (roadsters 26)
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