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  2. PMC Docs.

    Paramotor Club documentation. 

  3. AAIB Accident reports.

    Here are the BHPA Paramotor Accident reports, produced on behalf of the AAIB. The BHPA investigate PPG accidents and produces the reports below.

    The PMC have no involvement with the reports, nor do we desire to be involved with investigations. We have simply published the reports here to ensure maximum exposure to the information to non BHPA members.

    The newest report can be found at the bottom of this PDF list.

    We have included, Paragliding and Hand Gliding reports for your interest.

    Some of the reports do not offer 'SAFETY RECOMMENDATIONS' and have a blank section 4. If you are worried about anything you read, or are unsure of any of it's content or how to PREVENT the same accident. PLEASE bring it the the main forum as the chances are you wont be the only person who has the question.

  4. Wing manuals

    Here you will find a collection of wing manuals. If you have a manual that is not available here, please do upload it. :-) 

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