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  2. Thanks for all the replies, not going to let this beat me. Great video, its an awful lot simpler than I was making it !!
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  4. Great!.. no rush, tomorrow will be fine 😂👍
  5. I had a chat with Pete , said he’d done 80 mile xc . Not jealous
  6. Hi. I see you are selling some merchandise. I actually would be interested in purchasing 8086.com from you. I could offer $3500 and we could complete the transaction via Escrow.com for safe transfer. How does that sound to you? Jeff Goebel
  7. That is fantastic. A really really good hack. Inner A line, let lines drop over risers then one last (obvious) twist, brilliant.
  8. Looks like the martians have landed. Really pleased it was a great day. Too foggy all day yesterday at my field, drat. Managed two flights this afternoon, YAY!
  9. I’ll look at the video but it’s a lot. I’ll uploads something when I’ve got the best bits
  10. Crsfrwll, did Parajet mention which model of Walbro WB carb they plan to use?
  11. Maybe your high speed circuit is too lean for the weather, because there are certain circuits in the carb that come on at different air flow demands (throttle position) where yours is unhappy with lots of throttle. See attached chart to get the idea (from the mikuni sbn manual). Since you're flying in cold weather, it's probably a lean condition. Also, check for air leaks (crankcase may be leaking 2t fuel) and check the reeds.
  12. From the article: "The temperature range where carb ice can occur is equally surprising. According to the FAA, carb ice is possible from 10F to over 100F, with serious icing possible from 20F to over 90F (-7C to 32C)." In Salisbury it was 32F, with a 32F dew point (judging by the fog). This is in the 'serious icing' region on the diagram. What were the conditions at Membury?
  13. Just for clarity. Carb Ice is more likely to happen in the summer months when the warm air contains more moisture. The cold does not directly effect carb icing. Cold air is dryer than warm air (think Freeze Dried) I am starting to wonder if the primer bulb may play a part in it. SW
  14. I'm not familiar with the Atom 80, but so many people reporting the same issues might point to carb icing (restricted venturi caused by the formation of ice when moisture freezes on cold surfaces as the pressure drops, or something like that!). Larger aircraft have carb heating, and carb icing is checked before take-off. The annoying part is that the ice melts quickly once the engine stops, so it can be very hard to diagnose. https://www.boldmethod.com/learn-to-fly/aircraft-systems/dont-let-carb-ice-happen-to-you/ It was cold and moist in Salisbury, I assume there were similar conditions at Membury? Just a thought.
  15. My methodology was simply to enter the search 'fatal' for both wing types separately on the link below which called up 11 for PPG and 45 for PG. https://www.bhpa.co.uk/documents/safety/informal_investigations/ I dont think these BHPA incident reports are complete to be honest. Andy Walkden's PPG death (11/04/19) is not listed and nor is Jules Eaton who died during ICARUS (22/06/19). I think its probably safe to assume that if there are PPG deaths missing there will also be PG deaths missing.
  16. Ross, totally agree with alan_k. Dont let tangled lines put you off. You get to a point quite quickly when it becomes a rarity. Stick with it, its definately worth it.
  17. Wow what a nice day out!. pity the video didn't upload though as I would like to see that.
  18. Had a great day yesterday flying Yorkshire Dales and at the beach for the first time. Got up at 5am on a frosty Sunday morning to go up to Yorkshire to fly somewhere new. I met Paul at my work where we moved my kit into his car, and off we went at 5.30 for a 2.5 hour journey to Skipton in the Yorkshire Dales. It was so foggy we couldn't see anything on the M6 as we headed north, but it cleared around Cheshire I think. Breakfast time was at McDonalds and onto the field arriving at about 8.15. Pete who we were meeting there had been updating us on temps and we watched the car temp gauge change from 0degrees to -4, and Pete had -5 at the field. Sun was just coming over the hills as we arrived and we got on with setting up. I reckon it may have warmed to -3 by the time we took off about 9am. The field isn't a nice smooth one, it's more like moor land used for highland cattle grazing. Pete regularly flies there and he did a Benny Hill run with a full tank, his Bailey engine having a bit of trouble with all the weight. Anyhow the take off was OK and off we went. I was last off and the other buggers had gone off so I headed towards Morcambe to meet them at the beach. The scenery in the Dales is fantastic, such a nice change from flying in the midlands. As I got towards the coast I just headed to the beach hoping to find the others, which I did, they had landed on the beach as the tide was out. I flew over and got my trimmers and seat board down ready to land. Wind direction was offshore so I flew along the edge of the water and turned in to land. On my feet. Again !! That was 30 miles in 1 hour 35 mins. I'm flying an Ozone Spyder 28m and I was nowhere near as fast at the others, maybe I need a faster or smaller wing... The cold was mostly fingers and toes but I had a zippo hand warmer in my bag which helped on the way out. We stopped to get warm, had a chat and the took off again to fly around the beach a bit before heading back. We flew up to the north end of Morcambe bay, around into the estuary past Arnside and then back inland. Initially we had intended to fly north to Windermere before coming back but the wind had picked up a bit and the clouds came down so we couldn't even see the hills. Keeping low under the cloud at 600ft or so, I still couldn't keep up and we all got separated. Good old Google Maps Followed a rough idea of direction seeing a few landmarks I had noticed on the way out. It wasn't so cold downwind, and I was about 7-8mph faster on the return. I came in checking my GPS location then spotted the cars by the field. The windsock was all over the place but I came in OK and hit the mud, landing feet first the on my knees. Return flight was 1 hr, 16 mins and 41.9 miles including flying around at the beach. Back at the field me & Paul wanted to make the most of it and were going to try a short flight. Strongish wind for an easy reverse launch and if too bumpy just come back and land. I need ground handling practice, I couldn't get the wing to behave (I do mostly forward launches), and I pulled down low to get the wing on the floor, catching my throttle cable in the prop. No prop damage, and it cut through my engine kill wiring only. Easy fix. I've been meaning for weeks to adjust the cable to get it over my arm instead of under but hadn't yet done it. If I put it under my arm the engine wouldn't tick over without revving so needed loosening to cope with the bend n the cable. Guess I'll be doing that now then! Idiot. I got full footage with an action cam which I've never done before so that will probably be rubbish. Got a few photos, and got some great memories. Got home around 6.30pm very tired. Thanks to Pete & Ady for the invite, and to Paul for doing all the driving. Fantastic day even though it was so cold. IMG_4007.MOV the launch field
  19. Thanks Alan. Yes in one of the comparison videos, I noticed that V-King was far behind another wing. Will definitely keep this in mind while making purchase decision. And of course I don't want others to laugh at me 😀😀😀😂. Ta. Dhaval
  20. Hi, anyone flying or practicing near MK? I am interested to join fellas who are practicing/flying / looking forward to learn (like me) Thanks
  21. Welcome to the world of PPG. I haven't flown one but the V King is slow in comparison to most PPG wings. If/when you find yourself flying with others you will get left behind and everyone will moan that you are too slow (humorously of course).
  22. Hi, Am new to paramotoring and this club. This is my first post, so hope I am following all rules set 😃 here. I completed my paragliding club level few years ago and now interested in paramotoring. Before I buy my motor or wing, I want to get in touch with local pilots/ groups to make friends and get guidance. Am based in Milton Keynes and can drive for an hour or two in any direction. Longer for weekends too. I am planning to refresh my paragliding skills and purchase a wing for the same. However doing some research with Guru Google, I found wings suitable for both paragliding and paramotoring. Latest by Ozone is Kona2. Any advice is welcomed as its my first wing and want to get right one which I can keep for some time for skill progression. Also, came across this new single skin, Dudek V-King which impressed me. So can you all experienced fellas advice if dudek V-King is good one to own or shall I stick to traditional wings. Anyone flew that wing as most of the videos on YouTube are talking positive for this wing. Thanks
  23. What Vittorazi says about the problem is the WG8 carb fitted to the '19 models isn't up to the job if the air temp gets cold. Hence on the '20 models they now fit the WB carb. Not bubbles, just no good in the cold. I've a replacement carb on its way and will see if that makes a difference.
  24. I'll give it another shot next day I get a chance, I might just give Tony at Cloudstreet a shout and try a taster day before I go any further
  25. It's basically patience. Hold the riser up above your head so you can see the lines going towards the wing. Hold the A, B, C risers down a little as necessary to see where each individual line is, then you should be able to see if some are twisted.
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