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PMC Fly-in September 17th-19th


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PMC September Fly-in 

This will be a 'full members only' event upgrade link at the bottom of this description

Situated in a fairly central location 25 miles South of Birmingham 14 miles north of Gloucester.


This 'river side' venue is MASSIVE, PERFECTLY FLAT and well suited to flex wings. 

As always, we will have a heated tent. 

The fire pit will be lit 24-hours a day.

The music will be played at a social volume at social times of the day. 

There will be food onsite and there are water points.

Dogs 'with owners that pick up!' are welcome (There will be some fireworks), children are welcome, local visitors are welcome.

The view below is next to the take off field.


We hope to see all of the normal faces at this one, there is some added adventure for all of us as its a totally new site with some AMAZING flying opportunities to be had 

Costs: Full Members £10 for Charity 'please' 

Camping (per tent / camper) £10 to venue owner.

Non Flying Partners £20

Non members £FULL MEMBERS ONLY 300 max.


Our chosen charity for this event will be: https://www.felixfund.org.uk 





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Check my subscription please Simon, I am up to date with an automatic update, yet can't get the going tab to respond.

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I'm having same problem Alan, I've fired up the laptop and managed to do it that way.

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Those who are having difficulties... 

The iPhone side of the software is currently having a bad day, if you use a desktop you will most likely find your problems go away :-)

There is an update on the way from the software geeks so hopefully this will sort it, but this could take a week or two before launch... so if your keen, use a desktop if you can, if you don't have one ping me a message and I will sort it :-)



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Had the same problem on iPhone so resorted to laptop, but there is nowhere to see how long my membership lasts. I renewed again but for 2 years this time and now im paid up untill november 23 but cant find anywhere on the site that says what my status is ?

Can this be added to subscription status to so people can see?



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You will get the VIP badge to show you have an active membership. 

But I will look into getting the info on to peoples profile pages if possible. Good idea! 



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Right I'm ready for the riverside fly-in, just got hold of a new 'toy' to while away the parawaiting.



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Hi Simon

Sorry to ask a stupid question, I intend to join you next weekend but not sure whether I'm paid up and the tech won't let me or my membership has lapsed. no rush to answer and I'll catch up next weekend & settle up as required.



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Hi Tony, 

Your membership has expired, (please renew it before the weekend as you can't join at the event) :-)


Once thats done, you will be able to RSVP for the event :-)

Best to use a desktop at the moment as the software is being twatty with phones. 

Any dramas, let me know BEFORE the weekend :-)



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    • 25mph trimmed in // Efficient and safe 35mph trimmed out // more fuel burn, more dynamic recovery 40mph trimms + bar // poring fuel away, hard to hold for long periods   The Qubik seems like a reasonably quick wing. I am going to assume you only have "efficiency" to gain in the most part on a hotter wing unless you are cool with spending hours on full bar (very uncommon) I imagine the Kougar 3 will be more efficient trimmed out than your Qubik and you get +7mph Boring XC's for me are anything above 500ft but low and slow has its own set of problems  
    • I currently fly a Qubik 21, very high - possibly over the weight range depending. Comfortable flying, launching and landing in all conditions from complete nil to stronger, smooth to rougher. I've come to realise I find XC boring and spend most of my flying throwing it around (with purpose and technique), foot dragging, wing overs, etc. Shorter "fun" flights over longer trips. I'm comfortable with all of the above manoeuvres but as always never stop learning and always working to improve. I'm looking at what wing to get next. Looking for something fast (being overloaded on the 21 is fun and certainly not a challenge) with less roll stability (I want something that will roll and dive more easily). I'm early in the process so looking for suggestions of wings to start looking into... not loyal to any particular brand. What ideas/suggestions do you all have?
    • Hi, looking for a new/used miniwing/speedwing to practisce kiting. Thanks
    • Might get the parts next week. they ordered a crankshaft last week they had just changed one on another machine. started to clean up the frame and redo the fuel lines. checked the carb and it looks like it was overhauled recently. I will reset the carb to factory settings because it was obviously not running right.  
    • Welcome to the skies Steve, an old timer here. Sounds like you have a had a really great introduction to the joys of paramotoring, keep up the blog as it's always interesting to read of others experiences. Sorry to hear of your fathers rapid demise but take it in good heart that something good has followed.  
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