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PMC Summer 2021 COAST RUN '2.1'


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Covid 19: We remain hopeful that we will be allowed out to play in time for this event. If it gets to a point where it is clear this will not be the case, we will move the dates as required. The uptake for this event will be huge so please make sure you are a full member and that you RSVP to secure a place. 

UPDATE 17/03/21: The venue have confirmed that they are happy for this event to continue inline with the .Gov advice (at the time of the event) 


This will be another 'full members only' event upgrade link at the bottom of the description


Situated just 6-Miles from the stunning cove of Hayle and 9 miles from Falmouth, with lands end well within reach 'even when you miss the airspace!' , this venue comprises of 4 large flat football pitches, and separate take off and landing fields.  

The venue is only 180 meters from the sea :-)

As always, we will have a heated tent. 

The fire pit will be lit 24-hours a day.

The music will be played at a social volume at social times of the day. 

Dogs 'with owners that pick up!' are welcome, children are welcome, local visitors are welcome.


There is literally nothing bad to be said about this place! The above view lives only 7.3 miles away from take off! 

The view below is 2 miles away from take off!


We hope to see all of the normal faces at this one, there is some added adventure for all of us as its a totally new site with some AMAZING flying opportunities to be had for those who venture into the UK's very own holiday resort! 

Costs: Full Members £10 for Charity 'please' 

Camping (per tent / camper) £10 to venue owner.

Non Flying Partners £20

Non members £FULL MEMBERS ONLY 220 max.


Our chosen charity for this event will be the R.N.L.I 


St Agnes Lifeboat Station

St.Agnes Station was formed in 1968 and until 2015 the lifeboat was provided by the viewers of the BBC Children’s television programme Blue Peter, and was always named Blue Peter IV. The current lifeboat was provided by the Jaguar Enthusiasts' Club and is called XKalibur. The lifeboat crews have been honoured over the 50 years' service of the station and have received seven awards for gallantry.






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It's the pilots that make the party :-)

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Well that was short..I have to pull out.. Got a long awaited hospital appt sat am so might make it late sat or Sunday for a visit. Bummer for the trip but great for the day surgery..long awaited.  Have a great time all




I'm a non flyer full member therefore if flying members would exceed the numbers then email me jatenelef@gmail.com I will stand down for a flying member. I will get my wings before September and plan to fly then.  If numbers are not filled past capacity I will be there.


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Despite trying all strategies I just cant rearrange going to Cornwall fly in in August

I've freed up my space for someone else as soon as I knew today 

See you all at September gathering 

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    • 25mph trimmed in // Efficient and safe 35mph trimmed out // more fuel burn, more dynamic recovery 40mph trimms + bar // poring fuel away, hard to hold for long periods   The Qubik seems like a reasonably quick wing. I am going to assume you only have "efficiency" to gain in the most part on a hotter wing unless you are cool with spending hours on full bar (very uncommon) I imagine the Kougar 3 will be more efficient trimmed out than your Qubik and you get +7mph Boring XC's for me are anything above 500ft but low and slow has its own set of problems  
    • I currently fly a Qubik 21, very high - possibly over the weight range depending. Comfortable flying, launching and landing in all conditions from complete nil to stronger, smooth to rougher. I've come to realise I find XC boring and spend most of my flying throwing it around (with purpose and technique), foot dragging, wing overs, etc. Shorter "fun" flights over longer trips. I'm comfortable with all of the above manoeuvres but as always never stop learning and always working to improve. I'm looking at what wing to get next. Looking for something fast (being overloaded on the 21 is fun and certainly not a challenge) with less roll stability (I want something that will roll and dive more easily). I'm early in the process so looking for suggestions of wings to start looking into... not loyal to any particular brand. What ideas/suggestions do you all have?
    • Hi, looking for a new/used miniwing/speedwing to practisce kiting. Thanks
    • Might get the parts next week. they ordered a crankshaft last week they had just changed one on another machine. started to clean up the frame and redo the fuel lines. checked the carb and it looks like it was overhauled recently. I will reset the carb to factory settings because it was obviously not running right.  
    • Welcome to the skies Steve, an old timer here. Sounds like you have a had a really great introduction to the joys of paramotoring, keep up the blog as it's always interesting to read of others experiences. Sorry to hear of your fathers rapid demise but take it in good heart that something good has followed.  
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