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PMC Bore chasers April 2019


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Due to the success of the last Bore Chasers events V the field size, there will once again be a limit of 130 pilots for this one. If you want a place then YOU MUST RSVP please. 


As a well known 80's artist once said, "if your names not down, your not coming in" :-) 

If you have not been to this one before, I am sure that all who have will agree that it's not one to be missed! 

The location of the take off field is just perfect for following the tides that will be passing though over the weekend. 

We will have the bar team back to take care of drinks. 

For food, we can cater for ALL. (a vegan menu) and some amazing sounding additions to the norm (as well as the norm of course) :-) 

Camping for Tents, caravans and motorhomes is FREE. 

Limited family / holiday accommodation is available walking distance from the flying field. (ideal for those who would like a bit of luxury) Please contact Kathy Turner on 07970 771 039 for information, availability and pricing.


Non Paid members, £30 Please pay on arrival. If you are not a full member please consider joining before hand (link below to VIP membership). For £30 per year you can come to all 3 events FOC! :-), triple the fun!! 


Guests non flying, £15 Please pay on arrival. 

The address is: 

Milton End Farm, Arlingham, Gloucestershire, GL2 7JH.

Here is a short video from a past event :-) 


Also, check out the full article from the last Bore Chasers event link below. :-) 



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Off to a council meeting on Monday in Arlingham.... ref this event. (Nothing to flap about) :-) 

But do expect a couple of extra no fly zones. 

Last year we had more complaints about low flying than any other event (even put together maybe)! 

OK so we also had complaints about the fireworks and that's my bad of course from which I am happy to take the hit. :-) 

We are at the point where if we want this event to continue to be (let's be honest) our favourite in the PMC calendar we will all need to start being a tiny little bit more considerate of the local residence and animals. There are loads of places where you can legally let your horns come out without stressing the locals and they will be marked also (so not all bad!) :-) 

Can't wait!!! seems like ages since the last one!! 


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Paramotorclub Bore Chaser's flyin Apr 19-21.... anyone booked a place and can't go? I NEED A PLACE AND WANT TO TAKE MY PEABEE ALONG. pls message me if you have booked but can't go now...

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Hi to all, Can anyone help me find out can i arrive down on Thursday evening as my ferry comes into liverpool at 18:30 and if i could come down on Thursday it would make it handier for me and can i camp to Monday 22 April or does everyone have to be packed up and away on the Sunday. Thanks

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Super sorry Eddie, 

No one allowed on site (except the set up crew 'who know who they are') until Friday Morning :-( 

We had a fairly nasty accident on the field last year on the Thursday which involved an air ambulance. My meeting with the council was not easy when this was brought up. 

I can't risk anything this year if we want the event to keep happening in the future :-):-)

There are though, loads of local areas where you can Gorilla camp, or campsites if thats your thing.... 

My hands are kind of tied with this one as I know people will be watching! 




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