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PMC Bore chasers April 2019


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Due to the success of the last Bore Chasers events V the field size, there will once again be a limit of 130 pilots for this one. If you want a place then YOU MUST RSVP please. 


As a well known 80's artist once said, "if your names not down, your not coming in" :-) 

If you have not been to this one before, I am sure that all who have will agree that it's not one to be missed! 

The location of the take off field is just perfect for following the tides that will be passing though over the weekend. 

We will have the bar team back to take care of drinks. 

For food, we can cater for ALL. (a vegan menu) and some amazing sounding additions to the norm (as well as the norm of course) :-) 

Camping for Tents, caravans and motorhomes is FREE. 

Limited family / holiday accommodation is available walking distance from the flying field. (ideal for those who would like a bit of luxury) Please contact Kathy Turner on 07970 771 039 for information, availability and pricing.


Non Paid members, £30 Please pay on arrival. If you are not a full member please consider joining before hand (link below to VIP membership). For £30 per year you can come to all 3 events FOC! :-), triple the fun!! 


Guests non flying, £15 Please pay on arrival. 

The address is: 

Milton End Farm, Arlingham, Gloucestershire, GL2 7JH.

Here is a short video from a past event :-) 


Also, check out the full article from the last Bore Chasers event link below. :-) 



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    • Red, white and blue  Ozone roadster 3, 24m.  Just over 2 years Old, 31 Recorded Hours, No Repairs or damage, Some signs of use consistent with it being used from grass fields but it is still very clean. Just back from the loft with a clean bill of health. Easy Bag, Speed Bar, Repair Fabric included. Actual pictures to follow once the weather improves.  65-120kg weight range, ENB Great first wing for new pilots or anyone wanting something stable and easy to use. https://www.flyozone.com/paramotor/products/gliders/roadster-3   £2100
    • Thanks a lot Alan! Can't really wait to be up in the air 😁
    • Hi Angelo and welcome. Chilly is so right when he says paramotoring will change your life. I have been flying for 13 years and still love it as much as I did at the start, perhaps even more so. I hope you can get lots of flights and experience in before your planned adventure, that will give you confidence when you're flying. looking forward to sharing the journey with you.
    • Hi everyone My name is Angelo, and around 2 weeks ago I fell in love with a video I saw of YouTube of a few people flying in Iceland on their Paramotors.  I have decided with a few friends to start this adventure/dream and make it come true.  We know that flying there is not a joke and the terrain can be pretty dangerous if we would have to do an emergency landing, and considering none of us has ever tried a Paramotor before and have just 1 year of time to train, it might sound irresponsable or even silly to do.    But there is to say we are all very motivated, ready to train as many hrs as possible during this year, and we can't wait to start!  This is also to show people who have been thinking to start this passion that it's something accessible and amazing at the same time.    And to show people they should follow their dreams more often in their life   So happy I found this forum full of people with the same passion and way more experienced, can't wait to meet some of you and start my training.    If you want to follow our adventure please check here, there are 2 episodes up already:       I plan to document everything from the start to the end of this epic journey!    If you have any advice or just you want so say hi please do so   Angelo 
    • So is there any contact information for training course of paramotor? Thanks 
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