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Parafest 2016


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PARAFEST 2016 - An event not to be missed

Parafest is the UK’s only trade exhibition for paragliding and paramotor aviation.

Manufacturers, dealers and schools will be attending with their full range for display and demo.

You can meet the experts and ask your questions to the people who know the answers.

Based in North Wales for its country central location, its close proximity to some great paragliding sites and with a field reserved for paramotor flying pilots will enjoy breathtaking views along the North Wales coast into Snowdonia National Park and beyond.
Whether you’re a seasoned pilot, a new pilot or a wannabee pilot Parafest has it all in one great location, close to the coast and surrounded by the natural beauty of North Wales.

Hang glider pilots, powered or unpowered, this is also for you. It’s all foot launched flying fun.
We floppies don’t discriminate against the stiffies. Come and join the party.
Maybe you can be converted… ;o)


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    • Hi Can, I was actually able to take my wing with me without issues. Just put it in my suitcase and off I went.  I know what you mean with regards to taking a paramotor out. Everyone says it's a nightmare because of the fuel... I'm planning on doing the same as well "going Turkey" with my engine. Do they not cause any issues when arriving in Turkey or transiting through other countries? PS Are you going the event Bore Chasers? Would be good to chat face to face.  Selamlar Hasan
    • Hello, I tried that and it is almost impossible.    Airlines don't take it, because it is classed as  hazardous and petrol smell doesnt help.    If you try to send it via courier / logistics firm, I recommend you to get Ata karnet, you can find more information in below link; https://www.gov.uk/guidance/apply-for-an-ata-carnet It will need a customs entry in Turkey, and because it is used, personal and such, they can cause you a problem.    I am planning to drive to Turkey in July / August and take it with me, this is the only easy way for customs purposes.  Hope it helps    
    • 19kg is too heavy. Its very thirsty and very expensive. I own two Baileys V2 engines (18kg)... (The V5s is 16kg and about £3000)  I have also been working on a spanking new GY6 with a 63mm cylinder (180cc) that I "think" I could get down to 14kg if I lose the magneto, sprag clutch, starter and use an alloy muffler etc etc.... Time is the issue on that... I prefer flying to machining but that motor only cost me £175     Atom80 is 10kg 
    • Mark have you looked at Cobra 4T from Thailand originally who now no longer exist, but  i do know Blackhawk America now do them as banhsee 190's.
    • The weight issue is a bit of a conundrum.... If you fly long XC flights or camp out, the fuel burn / weight tends to even out a bit between the Bailey and typical two strokes. On the same wings I burn about half the fuel of an Atom80 and I am quite a bit heavier on mine.   
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