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PMC Bore chasers 2018


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Due to the success of the last Bore Chasers event, there will be a limit of 130 pilots for this one. If you want a place then YOU MUST RSVP please. 

As a well known 80's artist once said, "if your names not down, your not coming in" :-) 

If you have not been to this one before, I am sure that all who have will agree that it's not one to be missed! 

The location of the take off field is just perfect for following the tides that will be passing though over the weekend. 

We will have the amazing Platinum Bar's team back to take care of drinks. 

For food, we can cater for ALL. (a vegan menu) and some amazing sounding additions to the norm (as well as the norm of course) :-) 

Camping for Tents, caravans and motorhomes is FREE. 

Limited family / holiday accommodation is available walking distance from the flying field. (ideal for those who would like a bit of luxury) Please contact Kathy Turner on 07970 771 039 for information, availability and pricing.


Non Paid members, £25 Please pay on arrival 

Guests non flying, £10 Please pay on arrival. 

The address is: 

Milton End Farm, Arlingham, Gloucestershire, GL2 7JH.

Here is a short video from a past event :-) 


Also, check out the full article from the last Bore Chasers event link below. :-) 



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    • It's early for me, 10.30 am on a Saturday morning, and I'm only just starting to 'get it together' after  a 'Dutch'  super-coffee & my handful of medz. 6 hrs sleep, for once, feels like a 12-hr lie-in right now. ... and my very 1st post here, I *had* planned to make that my intro thread (I'm NO fora rookie!) but that will have to wait until later in the weekend. (I'm a sports-junkie so weekends tend to be long & late - this weekend it's soccer, rugby(England v Waless), F1GP  - #GoLewis , boxing, NCAA (college) american football & NFL from 6 pm Sunday to 4 am Monday morning.) But instead I find myself moved by this amazing challenge (esp at this time of year ) Yes, I'll be making a donation to this super-worthy cause - but it will be next Friday, when my next PIP payment hits the bank. £30 to get started, more to come later. I'll also start posting about it on my social media feeds. I haven't worked out the timings yet, but on first glance it looks like I *might* be able to witness the flight for myself, either down the Cumbrian coast or the north seas coast on the eastern leg. Have to check the map better later for dates. Hmm, think I'd best upgrade my membership here too, and soon. My very best to the challenge team, and to every member who is backing this AMAZEBALLS adventure 👏 Time to give my wee support woofit his morning 'walk' now - only after you've met him (Merlin the Min-Pin, named after the engine NOT the wizard) can it be understood why it's funny so to apostrophise the word walk    
    • Hi, Yes, agreed. Really interested to see how it goes with an electric paramotor I’ve donated and look forward to following the journey 🙂
    • Awesome guys!! I honestly think this is a worthy adventure and also something in the UK which involves a Paramotor and is super positive and most likely to be the single largest exposure of our sport / toys to the UK general public since the Bear Grylls Everest thing which was not a happy vibe expedition / edit.  Keeping this positive and showing our support as a community is I think a humble offering in return for the all round good I think it will be doing  Again, thanks guys..  SW  
    • Great adventure and a great cause. Donated too.👊
    • Thanks guys. Engine failed due to extra thick winter clothing and neck warmer pushing into the electrics just behind my head and wire coming off switch. New AC machines have the switch at the side - I guess I now know why. I couldn't move initially as completely winded. I couldn't even talk to a helpful passer-by. He put everything away for me and I was taken off in an ambulance. Very lucky and I got off with just torn muscles between the ribs in my back. It feels just like broken ribs.   My paramotor frame now has a healthy leaning back angle. It hit the floor so hard the motor bent the top part of the frame down so the thrust is now a little more downward. Rather weirdly, this will help me as I can't stand up straight at launch!  
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