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Summer fly-in and Party 2018 :-)


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The 2018 'World's end' Paramotor Club summer fly-in and Party :-) 

The Paramotor Club will be hosting our annual summer fly-in / party from the 13th of July until the 15th of July. At Worlds End, Close to Newbury, Berkshire. (postcode RG20 7JH) there will be signs from this postcode.

The site is AMAZING! you will not be disappointed with the perfect grass as far as the eye can see. 

As well as the normal music, fire, food, bar & posh toilets... +++ at this event we will have a comedian on the Friday evening to get you laughing until your face hurts! 

Once again we will be putting on a PMC fireworks display, and once again it will be unlike the dragged out displays your accustomed too :-):-) here is a drone video of the 2017 fireworks :-) for 2018 we have a plan which will up the game considerably!! :-):-) 

Visitors can also enjoy a 'Joy Ride' / (trial flight) in a C42 microlight for a very small donation.

Camping, caravans, motorhomes FREE.

Locally, there are some great XC flights to be had, and foot-drag heaven awaits! 

PLEASE LOG IN TO USE CLICK THE 'Going' BUTTON at the top left of this page 200 PILOT'S MAX 'Families welcome only pilots need to RSVP'. 

Tickets for non flying guest's will be sold in advance and available in plenty of time before the event.  

(those who do not RSVP risk not being able to attend if we max out on numbers) 

For the wife's and girlfriends of: We are close to 'Downton Abbey' or 'Highclear Castle' which you can now visit and walk around.


As always, Fully Paid up members entry is FREE, Non Member pilots £25 for weekend membership, guests £15 for a weekend membership. (An optional donation to a locally well supported children's charity would be awesome and I will make sure there is a donations pot in the entry tent)



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What an amazing weekend, fantastic weather, and great to meet up with old friends and  chat about the flying we've been doing. A huge thanks to Simon and all the guys for organising it hopefully see you all soon  jez

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    • Looking for a flight deck ,I would rather one from the corner of a shed, rather than new ,Any offers
    • What a fantastic pmc flyin, 1st thing thanks to Simon and his team, for planning it all ,the location was great flying up the Avon River and beyond very nice , and the weather was hot 🔥.fish and chip, beer tent and bar, burger van, fireworks display was epic, to think we had all those fireworks just for us ,if you know what I mean nice one Simon. And meeting club members and fellow flyers just brilliant .10 out of 10....
    • What a stunning flyin, so much thanks to Simon and crew for putting it on. 1. Excellent location (quite local to Geoff and myself for a change) 2. Excellent company, fab to see faces old and new. Plus the usual craic and aviation banter. 3. Excellent weather, flyable every day. 4. Absolutely stunning fireworks display on Saturday evening, even more thanks to Simon and Casey for helping out. We setup next to the tape so had a ringside view of events. A shot from Friday: Showing some lovely ladies and unfortunately one old fart.   Having the location next to the river (I originally thought it was the Severn but realised it was the Avon) I had bought a cheap dingy the week before. A shot of it being launched: Just had a short time on the river, going around in circles for a little while. A narrow boat was coming the other way and Geoff and myself were wondering what side we should be on, turns out it is the same as for aviation, pass to the right. Geoff is not shy in coming forward so asked if we could have a tow,the answer was affermative so we had a tow back to the launch point. Lots of fun.   After our first flight on Friday, the inevitable post flight beer, lovely:   A new member to our midlands posse is Damian, now on around 10 flights since training some while ago. His enthusiasm is quite infectious and to be honest he is making it look quite easy under Geoff's excellent tutelage. Damian coming in to land:   Talking of landing, I had a little cock-up coming in to land on Sunday morning. The though process was to come in low over the fence so I wouldn't have too much of a walk back across the field. I cut the motor before the fence then hit sinking air, then had a sh!t me moment when I realised I wouldn't make it over the fence, I yanked hard on the left brake and had an 'arrival' in the adjacent field. Good thing it was quite soft. (EDIT On reflection it wasn't sinking air, it was pilot error. I cut the engine when still on a little power and too soon, resulting in a more dynamic descent. Oops!) Fortunately nothing was damaged, many thanks to those that lined the fence to make sure I was OK, I was on the radio affirming the same before I took off the headset to let them know everything was OK. A take off from the same field got me airbourne again and blow me the floaty air second time around had me half way across the field on the proper landing.   A great time was had by all, plus a lovely photo posted on Facebook which i will finish with: Probably my best side.
    • I've noticed that in the manual, and have gone out of my way to find pure gasoline, since nearly everything in the US is E10. OTOH, I've never heard of anyone being refused warranty for running pump gas. My speculation is the strongest effect anyone's likely to notice is the frequency at which they have to replace the carburetor diaphragm. (They get flabby faster when exposed to ethanol.) Maybe a few % less fuel consumption, since ethanol has less energy per weight than gas.
    • View Advert UNUSED Paramotor Package inc Parajet Zenith, Thor 190 engine & Dudek Synthesis2 wing. Brand new-looking Parajet Zenith paramotor in gunmetal and black. Purchased end 2015, but never used due to work and time constraints. L/XL harness in immaculate condition. Also purchased at same time Dudek Synthesis2 wing 32m2 in black, white, steel. Self-fitted FlyHenry PPG meter shows only used for 7 min which was my ‘running-in’ - still 50hrs til next service. Have carbon fibre matching propellor blades undamaged in protective case. No reserve ‘chute but can provide fuel filling funnel and draining hose. I flew for a short period as a military helicopter pilot and missed my flying in normal work so Paramotoring seemed a suitable alternative at an achievable price. Medical circumstances sadly now dictate that I need to sell the equipment - so here it is! I am happy to discuss further if you would like to see the kit. Certificate_Synthesis2_32_6g.pdf Advertiser avquack Date 09/19/2021 Price 6,000.00 GBP Category Paramotors  
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